How did you make Chester proud today?


I was just reading the replies to Mike’s posts on the same question, and it just made me so happy and positive. So, if you did something today while having Chester in mind, please share it here! :two_hearts:
Let’s continue to #MakeChesterProud !

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I put together this tribute video for Chester last year as a music video for Sorry For Now. Hopefully he would be proud of this video.


I guess by just getting thru the day, and I stayed off social media for the day as well so I wasnt bombarded by images of tear fodder. Made a point to have a discussion around mental health with a family member who works in allied health so they are better at knowing the little signs with patients that arent usually listed as symptoms of mental suffering, like the cognitive confusion symptoms of depression rather than the usual have you lost weight, are you sad etc


Wow, this is quite good! Good job :heart_eyes:

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WOW…WOW…And One More WOW…!!
FKN FANTASTIC VID…!!!.. You should have seen the smile on my face whenever the clip showed CB & Mike dancing, goofing off, and JUST LAUGHING…!!!..
So, thanks for the water works…!!..I’ll be watching that vid over & over…SO FKN WELL DONE…!!!..Thanks for the tears & laughter…!!!..R.I.P. CB…luv ya man…!!

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And if anyone EVER hears of a M&G or for that matter any LP activity here in the states…PLEASE POST IT…!!!..
R.I.P. CB…Peace…


I recently did a cover of Nobody Can Save Me as my tribute to Chester… #MakeChesterProud


not sure there’s any category i can post this into but i do hope i made my brother proud!
Final version was u[ around his birthday and previous link removed from here for improvements so,
here goes!
cheers to the girls in here who helped with their warm hearts when it was too cold to edit!


Thank you so much for feedback and support! It means so much that my editing can leave an impact to other fans out there. You have no idea how much your comment made my day!


Speaking of M&G, I gave Mike a link to the Sorry For Now video in hopes of him watching it. Not sure he ever will. But just telling him I made a tribute video was good enough for me!


Thank you very much!


I know it’s maybe toolate but I just wanted to say that for Chester’s birthday I was drawing, listening to the music and taking care of my mental health :smile:


Never to late! :blush:


Oh it’s not too late! We should be making Chester Proud outside his birthday, too. :slight_smile: In any case, it sound like you had a lovely day on Chester’s bday ! x


Was about to cancel my first therapy visit, but thought about Chester and went anyway even though I felt very anxious and scared about it! It went great, so glad I went. This one’s for you, Chester :heart:


Good job! So proud of you :hugs:


I signed up for a forum and I opened up to complete strangers about my struggles with clinical depression. I’m 2 days sober. Im fighting with everything I’ve got to hold on.


Welcome @fightingonempty
This is a good place for a little backup.
Keep it up! :muscle:


Hi, thanks for sharing!!! We got your back here :heart: and congrats on 2 days, that’s a huge achievement :muscle: :fist_right:


Welcome!! :smile:
Keep it going! Do your best and you’ll win the battle soon! :muscle: