Honouring Chester

My mom and I were talking And she suggested that we get balloons and attach note cards that we are Linkin park soldiers and want to honour our beloved friend Chester and attach a return address to see if anyone gets our ballons


That’s not a bad idea, unfrotunately, I’m not sure where to find helium near me. I.e. there aren’t any party supply stores or anything of the sort near wear I live nor near uni. :confused:


Thanks for your support on this Rob And all the others that liked this idea too

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Beautyful idea! :blush:

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That’s great idea. Except I personally would not like to use balloons (not the best for the environment)!


Agreed with you! :blush:


I don’t know how else to do it

You could do any random act of kindness. Plant a tree. On twitter there is a beautiful initative by LPAustralia. I think @karmadoll is a part of it (correct me if I am wrong). They made these cards that you are meant to leave in random places in his honor:


I just wanted to do my own thing to honor Chester and if you don’t want to do it I understand but I am still doing my way because I wanted to do my own thing to honor Chester


Oops didn’t notice you wanted something no one did. My bad! Good Luck!

Don’t worry Steph, :hugs: and if you share an idea here there will be as much diffrent opinions on it as we are soldiers here.

If your heart goes for this idea- then go for it, if others plant a tree it’s cool either- others maybe do a silent memorial and others again a big boozing party- each his own.
I personally appreciate everybody making up his mind and every idea to show their personal way to honor him- our Chaz… :heart:

it will be a day to show our love for him and that he’ll never be forgotten - and he sure loves every single project- and is proud on each of us- no matter what :heart:

Thanx for sharing the tree idea @AJ_7 - a great initiative indeed :sunny: Sending a big hug :hugs: over to you :kissing_heart:


That’s a good idea! :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand the sentiment but you don’t know where the balloon is going to land, a pond where an animal might eat it, it gets caught in power lines, etc. Maybe you can find another way??

My heart goes for this Idea and I am doing it my way so if this not for you I understand and respect that we all have different ways to honor Chester and that’s fine this just what I am doing


Not to rain on your parade, but releasing balloons is really harmful to animals. When the balloons pop, animals end up eating them and choking to death. Chester was a huge animal lover. Just some food for thought.

Hi all.
Nice thought from you and your mom, but I have to agree with some of the others. Here in California (especially on the coast), the balloons will end up on the ocean, then in the ocean, then consumed by ocean creatures, trapped in the belly because they cannot digest the plastic/rubber/mylar, and eventually past a painful death. !



I’m a so strong believer in this campaign, and i ask you to please reconsider. There’s enough trash in our oceans as it is now. Chester loved going to the beach with fish family. Let’s think about our childrens future.

Okay I’m done with that.

So, how about contribution to a worth while cause!? Or maybe send a small gift package to somebody who you know (or don’t know), …somebody who needs a “pick me up”. Have a small “treat” or “fun gift” something inside, with a small note pad, write a small note, and a small amount of stamps, … be the originator of this and tell them to pass it on. Maybe with your name in it, it will be passed to you someday. Whatever it is, put Chester’s name to it (memory of Chester Bennington, or a link to one his wife’s organizations) That would honor him greatly. And the sense and feeling you will have by doing a good deed is awesome.

RIP Chester!!!

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Opps. …Chester went to the beach with “his” family, not “fish” family!!

Speaking of fish family…

And pls, it’s not a sales pitch on my end, just a funny video.
Thanks you tube “fish” family.

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I couldn’t honor him. I failed. I promised him I’d do it, but I couldn’t keep it.

Today I released a special balloon in honor of Chester