Honda Civic Los Angeles Show kind of on the expensive side

What is up with the $118 ticket price for the LA show?

Close to twice as much as some of the other shows…

That is kinda nuts. Never paid that much to see two bands.

hmmm… not sure if its the concerts I go to but Im usually paying close to the 3 digits for my seats… I looked online at other prices for t he same seats and theyre going for $230 each! & thats the lowest! Now thats insane… I’ll take the $118 lol

ya i know, but im excited to hear the songs off of the living things album live, also isn’t MUTEMATH playing aswell? 3 bands… so its kind of like $40 per band… not too bad?

even better if you think of it like that Arik! :slight_smile:

Yeah I was pretty shocked considering I paid around $84 when they played at Staples Center last year but it’s all good, I want to hear the new songs live and they might not tour the USA again for this album cycle.

I wish I could come, would love to hear Mutemath live. :slight_smile: But yeah, 118 dollars is quite pricy. I don’t know the average GA ticket price in the US, but in Denmark we normally pay somewhere between 65 and 95 dollars for a GA ticket.

Their probably is some legit reason its that expensive but still pretty outrageous for just two bands.

Im sort of in a pickle, i have tickets to the HOB show next week, but i want to go to this show too! Yes it’s very expensive, and i should b saving money for my summer trips! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!

I was hoping this would b at Staples Center again…