Home Depot center DSP?

can someone tell me why there’s no DSP of the LA concert ? :(,
it should be here! http://downloads.linkinpark.com/

i want it

$ issues with the venue


Plus that’s the one that was on AXS.tv.

Believe me, i had the same complaint! and this is what the live downloads support wrote back to me: “Unfortunately, the September 8th show will not be available for download. We are unsure as to why this is the case. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.” Time Warner Cable doesn’t even carry AXS channel so how the hell am i supposed to get a recording of one of their best concerts??? this will probably be the one show i went to in my 12+ years within Linkin Park that i won’t be able to have a live download as a souvenir for. i seriously hope they rectify this or at least allow us to buy the AXS broadcast of the show.

It’ll eventually turn up on YouTube. There were at least two HD versions (i.e., from the AXS TV broadcast, not from the livestream) already posted to YouTube, but I know one of the uploaders took it down himself because it was too “hot” right now (his words). I’m not sure precisely what that means, but I assume the copyright people put a lot of effort into sniffing things out on YouTube in the weeks immediately following a broadcast, but give up after awhile. (For example, last summer’s iTunes gig was always getting pulled off YouTube in the weeks after the show; now there are tons of versions available.) So yes, patience!

As to why there’s no DSP, my understanding from some of the other shows is that the venue wanted too large a cut of the revenue to make it worth it. (I believe that’s the same reason some of the gigs aren’t shown in LPTV eps.) Sucks, but that’s the way these things go sometimes.

Will you look at that? You didn’t even need to be patient! The YouTube user who consistently uploads the highest quality versions of LP’s performances just uploaded the Home Depot Center show. I’d recommend getting in there quickly, though, in case this gets taken down: Home Depot Center show on YouTube.