His only happy/love song

Somebody probably said this before but I’ve just now realized that “Give me your name” by Dead By Sunrise is probably the only song from Chester’s discography that doesn’t have any anger/sadness/regret/fear/resentment/loss in it. It’s so different but refreshing and comforting at the same time.




“Leave out all the rest” is not sad, “Robot Boy” is not sad either, “The Messenger”, “Roads Untraveled”, “Fire”… I don’t think any of those songs are sad

Hahaha, okay, besides that. :joy:
You made me laugh, thank you.


Not neccessarely sad but they are all very emotional and/or have a serious theme, I’d say (although I’ve always found Leave out all the rest and Roads untraveled little bit sad, especially now after he’s gone.)
But this one, even the music is different, also slow but sensual in a way, and the lyrics are very mellow and sweet. It sounds like your good ol’ rock lovesong. :blush:


I haven’t heard this a long time :slight_smile: :heart:

Anything he sings is great :laughing:

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Oh, yeah. That’s the only love song that’s just that, a happy love song. It’s really beautiful


Oh yeah… haven’t heard this… Qiute long.

Well how are you doin @derek ?

Good, you?

i am good too :slight_smile:

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I dunno… for me it’s SOTD that has this sorta love message

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Yeah, but it’s talking about someone who’s about to die, or who’s probably gonna die because of a war or something like that. That’s not a happy song, still has sorta like a positive message, but from my point of view all of their songs do have a positivity in them.
Their lyrics have millions of different interpretations that we can give them, that depends on your mood while listening to them or your experience in life, maybe there’s a song that they wrote thinking about one thing and when I listened to it I was thinking of another thing and that’s okay, that’s how music works


I wish I had used this song as my wedding song.


Well I also remember the song Anything, anything by Grey Daze. The text is kinda funny and childish but the refrain always cheers me up :slight_smile: And it’s so cute how it begins with candy :laughing:

Well I’ll give you candy
Give you diamonds
Give you pearls
I’ll give you anything you want
Hundred dollar bills
And I’ll even let you watch the shows you wanna see
Cause you married me, married me, married me

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There’s also a 40 second song or so called bubbles,so funny :heart_eyes::joy:

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