Highschool Drama


What are your guy’s opinion on high school? Do you like it or did you like it? What were some of your most favorite memories? I am in high school and there are some good times but some bad. What are your guy’s advice?

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It’s shit

No, mine was a concentration camp.


Keep your head down, do the work, don’t get hung up on anything, it’s all totally irrelevant. Highschool is meaningless once you get to the next stage of education (sixth form / college) and even more so when you get to uni.

My turn to ask a question. What’s with the pic?


I was like a ghost
Invisible to most
Because I didn’t feed the source host

High school was ok, just hated the drama these “idiots” would make day by day lol. Like the words above, I aced through High School, but yeah, I left practically no evidence (besides Grades) of ever being there xD

Favorite memories? Not many, but I did almost manage to graduate 6 months early. You can thank my Chemistry teacher for thinking I was talkative and failing me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was a nerd of course, but even the jocks wouldn’t do anything to me. I was their answers xD


I love high school we had off campus lunch and my friends and I would buy chinese food and jack in the box and McDonald’s a lot :grin: :grinning:

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Luuuckyyy :joy: we’d have a school club but catering and sel it every Friday to make money for the club but that was the best we could do :sweat_smile:

High school for me was actually pretty fun but I think because I was at a small nerdy school, it was the best in the area in terms of teaching level…
I think I was a hybrid :thinking: I was very nerdy and a good boy in class, doing projects for the school even, but at the same time I was the dorkiest I’ve ever been when outside of class :grimacing: the group of guys I hung out with were half “cool” sneaker heads lol while the other half of us were complete dorks
In the moment, sometimes things seemed boring etc but looking back, realizing how idiotic we were and how we got away with a lot of incredibly stupid stuff kind of makes high school nostalgic for me :sweat_smile:

I could sum up my stay there by walking into the place and pointing to a few awards I, or a team that included me brought back to the school, while at the same time pointing at the busted gate or the dents in the hallway roofs :joy::sweat_smile:

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High school for me was alright. I’ve found that the culture surrounding high school is pretty toxic and the best thing for me was to just avoid it. So outside of schoolwork and my high school soccer team I pretty much avoided any aspect of high school culture. This allowed me to avoid all the drama, dances, and parties. I may have not been the most popular guy with the most friends, but I was really close with the friends I did make and most of them I still talk to and hang out with to this day.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone. A lot of it is based on your personality. I’m pretty shy and quiet so it was natural for me to avoid stuff like that. But I’ve known a lot of outgoing people who have been able to enjoy these aspects of high school while still avoiding the toxic parts. My best advice would be to enjoy yourself, but don’t take it too seriously. It’s only 4 years of your life and is basically just a resume builder for college. The ones who take it too seriously are the ones who come out the worst.

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I want nothing to do with my ‘friends’ from high school. Options for friends were limited to snobs, douches and imbeciles. The only thing they were good for was durability testing for my Wenger.

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Aww I’m sorry. It’s just an old picture of me before High school. It’s just a little visual of me.


That sucks but hey at least you know what you like and the way you wanna be. High school, from everyone else, said it would be fun but right now it sucks and I don’t feel like it is fun at all. But I hang with my people and I have fun with them and that’s all that matters.

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High school was tough for me. I got some friendship problems, but that problems happened since primary school. I was shy and had issues to speak a lot with people. So i was around a lot of hypocrites who used me like a stand-in and had lots of disillusions.

I spent good times too, like when we went one week skying with the school, it was fun.

I don’t know if it’s the case but if you have some friendship issues, just know that whatever happens with your friends, you will meet other people if you go to university then. So try to don’t take it too seriously, do your best for keeping friends you like but if you lose a friend, just know that it happens to others too and it’s not the end, you will meet great new people in your life. :blush:


Thank you so much for the advice. It helps me a lot:blush: