Hi Everyone! Newbie Here

Hi everyone!!!, im new to LPU, been a Linkin Park fan since 2000 but first year in the Underground.

Love all the LP albums, first music CD I ever bought was Hybrid Theory, looking forward to One More Light in May.

Was Looking for a Welcome area but couldn’t find one so just thought that I would say hi here.


Hi, nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy the forums and the rest of the LPU!

Hello, I’ve known LP since 2000 but become a fan just last year (2016). Welcome here. :smiley:

@chriswaleslpu it’s nice to meet you, I know that you will get along with everyone on here. Everyone’s friendly and nice because I was like you too a new comer and everyone will make you feel good and nice but as along as you don’t do anything rude or disrespectful in that manner. This is a very nice environment and I know that you will get along with everyone on here. There are many games to play and etc, It’s nice to meet other people one more thing please come and play on the threads ok there many ok. You get comfortable.:blush:

P.S Welcome aboard :blush::relaxed::grin:


Thanks everyone, great to be here

welcome! (no pun intended)

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Hello there welcome to lpu

We used to have a welcome area in the forums years ago.

Anyway, welcome! Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to the family!

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

@theearlywalker You are in no position to enforce the rules. If you have an issue with a post/thread on the forum, please flag them and let the Moderators handle them. Thank you.

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Allright - got ya message! Sorry if I stepped a border! :sunglasses:

@theearlywalker :frowning:

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this black frame looks like in a dying-newspaper-note
no wonder you can t send it to me!
try some more nice way!

Is welcome the right word? This is my first time back since LPU12.

Welcome anyways!

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hey nice to meet you I’m new too

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