I called the Ground Control customer support (which is the complete opposite of customer support, fyi) about tickets that have not yet even been mailed out to me when my concert is a week away and I live in Canada. All they would say is that I needed to email in a support ticket and that I could find the email address “on the website” (yes, that’s all they would say…I talked to 3 different people. They also claimed they had no supervisors, and that they “pretty much do whatever they want”). Anyway, I NEED to know what email address they were talking about if one even exists so that I can raise a “support ticket” since I can’t spend more time on long distance calls with the incompetent empoloyees of ground control. Anyone know how I go about doing this???

I emailed Ground Control this morning in the Help section about the Palace of Auburn Hills concert next week that I dont have tickets to yet, and I received this reply only a few minutes ago:

[quote]Thank you for contacting ground(ctrl) support.

We apologize for the delay in your tickets being shipped. The promoter for the event had a delay in forwarding the fan club pre-sale tickets to us, but they arrived today and are currently being processed, packed, and shipped out to you.

You will know that your tickets have shipped when you see the order status has changed to ‘FULFILLED’.

The status of all orders can be viewed using this link:

If for some reason you do not receive the tickets in time, a list of all ticket purchasers will be provided to the venue box office and they will be able to reissue new sets of tickets to the purchaser at the will call box office on the day of the event upon presentation of a photo ID and receipt. If you do not receive your tickets and it is 3 days before your event, please contact us so that we can notify the venue that you wil be asking for reprints.

Have a great time at the concert!

ground(ctrl) Support[/quote]

So apparently, if they dont get to us in the mail by Saturday, we are supposed to call and get our name on the “Will Call” list for pickup AT the Palace on the day of the concert. I’m guessing that means either Friday night before 5 PST or First thing Monday Morning, since I dont think they have hours on weekends. :confused: Hopefully they get through the mail soon.

What was the email address that you emailed?

I’m waiting for mine too in Tinley park IL

My concert is Sunday in Atlanta and my email got returned from grand central and their phone number didn’t work. Can someone PLEASE tell me their email address and phone number that worked for you???

The support email is Sorry for the experience you had over the phone. If you need anything else, please feel free to message me directly here! :slight_smile:

All of your names will be on the will call list regardless, so if you don’t get your tickets in time, you’ll just go to will call and get your ticket there.

same problem here with tickets for aug.19th show.Customer care could care in the least about it.NOobody can give you an answer as to why tickets have not been shipped

Look at the bottom of ur page were it says chat ect u will see support there go there and then look at options and if those dont help go right down to bottom of that page and it will say i still need help and email from there i hope this helps :slight_smile:

spoke to venue and told tickets were shipped to ground ctrl. Dont let let them B.S. you about them not recieving tickets.They are using the same excuse for multiple concerts that they have not shipped out

[quote=Adam]All of your names will be on the will call list regardless, so if you don’t get your tickets in time, you’ll just go to will call and get your ticket there.
is this done at every venue? ups seems to have lost my tickets for the atlanta show that’s in less than 24 hours and i’m trying to figure out if they will still let me in.

edit: i see that for verizon wireless amphitheatre that i have to have the credit card that the tickets were purchased with in hand, and my tickets were a gift. starting to get nervous :frowning: