Help required in Chesters Tattos

I’m completely new here and to be honest for now I just have one really big issue…
I can’t find any explanation of a tattoo Chester has on his right elbow.

I would like to have an interpretation of it on my elbow as well, but before I would like to learn what it meant to him… I can’t describe, why it is important to me, but till last week I was a fan, which interacts completely offline (no WhatsApp, social media, no LPU) because till July - as you all know - they/he were there for me and it was like an old relationship in which it is clear that the other part is there, but now … well … the part is more or less gone. But I would like to keep a part of CB with me.

So I took the way to Twitter, where I tried to ask Talinda, but of course she has much other priorities than to reply on my request… On Google mostly all Tattoos are explained and described by anyone, but both tattoos (left and right elbow) I can’t find… So it feels a little bit like the last option of help for me to ask the community of LPU…

Really appreciate your answers and hope to find a well description…


It’s a calavera.


It’s an amazing tattoo


Many thanks for your direct reply, really appreciate. Does anyone also know, why he decided to “wear” it?

Well if you go into detail about what a Calavera is or what it represents you will find that it was mostly a symbol used by the Catholic church in Mexican culture, so it could’ve been religious based for him. It was also used to decorate the graves of the deceased so maybe it was a representation for him of someone special that passed.

Okay, Sounds to me as it could have been a special one to him. What I know is, that the flames are his mostly loved tattoo. I meanwhile indentified this attached tattoo on the inner side of his elbow as a tattoo which refers to the one above… I feel sad, that I don‘t receive an answer fron the ones which know him private- as well as I understand that they still have a hard time.
But the hardest stuff is, that he isn‘t here anymore and that I never asked him, when he was alive.


You know, maybe you can find (or create) a design that you like that represents the love you have for the band/Chester. You don’t have to have the same tattoo as him. It meant something to him and clearly it’s not something that means anything to you, if we’re being honest. Just because he had it, it doesn’t mean you should too.


I life you

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