Help please

Hello i order today my LPU11 Annual Membership, the concert in my country México is on September, i just want to Know if you can send me my membership as soon as posible, so that day i can have my package with me, please please i beg you

Hey there
I am also from Mexico and I live in Monterrey.
Which concert are you going to? Because I am trying to get tickets for the one in Mty but I can’t find them. Can you help me out?

Hello! im sorry but i think there is only one date to Linkin Park in México and is in Mexico City you can buy the tickets here

Well, here in Mty I heard of another LP concert. Thing is,
it’s sponsored (or something) by MTV. What’s good is that
the tickets are free. What’s bad is that you can only get
them through contests or special events by MTV, and I haven’t
found anything. I thought I’d see if you knew something, but
don’t worry about it. Thanks a lot anyway. Anyway, when is the concert in Mx city?
Who knows, perhaps I can actually convince my
parents to take me.