Help me to decide


I had to make an infographic as a project for my online graphic design course. I chose as a topic Linkin Park. I want to send it to Mike Shinoda but I’m not sure which social media to use. So my question is should I send it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for the help.


Twitter, but if you want him to see it, use every of them. Mike is much more active there, when you send it tell us so we can share it and try to make Mike see it


Thanks! But I have one more question then…How can I tag him on Twitter and about what time should I post it?


Using the @ and his nickname. Send it when you can, we’ll try to retwit (spelling?) it.

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Okay…thank you guys so much for the support. I’ll let you know when I post it.

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@IronSoldier16 and @Marilau I just post it on Twitter and it looks like this

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I’m not very familiar with using Twitter so I’m not sure how to find it, can you link it to me or explain how I can find it?


Here you go


It can’t be read properly, can this be fixed? By the way it looks awesome!


Thanks for the link! But I agree, it’s hard to read as it is :c


Yeah I know it’s hard to read and I don’t know how to fix it


Maybe if I post a pdf file to it ?


I am not an expert but you can try


I’ll leave a link from Google drive


I don’t have enough time now. Later I’ll check it out and I’ll try to help you. Goodnight.


Okay, thanks for making an effort to help me :blush: