Help me propose at the LP show 8/24/12 (maybe)

Ok LPU I need your help!!! I am thinking about proposing to my girlfriend of almost 6 years at the Linkin Park show at Tinley Park on 8/24/12. LP has always been a huge part of my life and if I could work in a way to propose at the show, minus something extreme, I am not one of those put us on the big screen for the whole crowd to see people and neither is she. However it would just make a wonderful night to be able to propose and be at a Linkin Park show!
Now where I am having trouble is that when would I do it?!? It would seem rude to me to just pop the question before the band took the stage and then focus all my attention on LP for the next hour or so lol. None of this is set in stone (as far as having to propose there) I do have a fall back option.
Let me know LPU and thank you for all the help!!!

Maybe surprise her just before LP’s encore.

Of the songs in LP’s live set now, does she have a favorite song? Maybe sometime in there.

Or maybe after the show as the crowd clears out?

Those are just some of the things I can think of off hand. Good luck man!

That is a wonderful idea :). The only thing I can come up with. Is that you contact Adam (a moderator here and a friend of the band), and ask him if something can be arranged! I hope it all works out for you! :slight_smile:
I wish you and your girl the best of luck!

Thank you both for the great ideas. This is such a nerve racking process. We will be spending the weekend in Chicago so the day after the show we plan on going to a Cubs game as well of which she is a huge Cubs fan as well. So I guess it’s a matter of do it at the LP show, the Cubs game or at home. Just trying to make this a special moment.

Again thank you to all LPU members who respond to this post.

I am not sure how you should go about proposing at the concert but I think it is a great idea. There is so much energy at a Linkin Park concert. I get excited just thinking about it. Maybe you could propose after the show? A perfect end to a great night out.

That is what I am thinking more and more is to do it at the end of the show. So many other things going on at the show that it would just be hard to get done. Plus no offense to my girlfriend here but when LP starts playing a nuke could go off and I wouldn’t even notice…unless it messed with the sound lol.
Also this will be my 4th time seeing LP with her. Everytime I’ve seen them shes been by my side so it seems almost right.

omg this is so cute! i definitely think you should! the only problem is it might be really loud, like what if she doesn’t hear you? haha also i like the idea of doing it before the encore :slight_smile:
ORRR maybe if you got in touch with adam it could be after the show so you guys could meet the band & incorporate them somehow but it wouldn’t be in front of a huge audience.

hmm thats two ‘get a hold of adam’ now. How do I get a hold of this guy?
Somehow having the band incorporated would be more of a dream come true for myself almost lol I guess if I’m planning on leaving her speachless I might as well end up speechless myself. I’d have to think of a way to invole them if this dream was to come true,

The big picture is coming together though thanks to all of you. Sometime after (or close to the end) of the show.

I am very interested in how the turns out. Please keep us updated…

I’ve found the best way of contacting Adam is sending him a message here through the LPU. He almost instantly responds

During the encore! :slight_smile:

How about before the “encore”…while everyone is stomping and yelling u could turn and ask her then…maybe something like…“This is the part of the night I’ve been waiting for”…she will think you’re talking about the concert of course and then you can pop the ring out and just wait for her to see it in your hand…trust me my friend you will be the only thing she will hear!..and PLEASE let us all know how it goes my friend! GOOD LUCK to both of you!..oh and GO CUBS!!!

I’m going to be at that show! Can’t wait to see that. Good luck man.

Thank you again to all LPU members here for the help. 99% sure I will be doing this at the end of the show. Going to be getting the ring here in the next few weeks!

Ok dude I might have an idea. Need a little preperations (regarding Adam I think).

When show ends tell her that you need to stay a little longer. Maybe something about better staying longer to get out faster, or that you`ve heard that LP will be checking their gear and you want to take photo of that.
When area are almost empty, say suddenly that you must check something alone and she must wait here for just a second. Run behind scene and than appear on stage. If they let you, talk to the microphone.

Begin from something like:
“Ok now it`s my time to rock”. The rest is up to you.

Maybe LP appear suddenly after everything. That would be amazing.

P.S. Let one of your friend film it from far away or something - great keepsake :slight_smile:

Now that would be a very epic way to do this however I get nervous just reading that! (I have bad stage fright) however I’m banking on all those fears being gone when I pop the question.
Involving the band in someway would be a dream come true, however so far I am having trouble working them in other than having them be like witnesses to it (which in itself is amazing).
Thank you for the idea Mariusz!


Ok guys its been over a month and here is what has happened.
1st The ring has been purchased and is in my possesion :slight_smile: I do want to post a picture of it when I can.
2nd I listened to your guys advice and did send a message to Adam. However I never did hear back from him which is ok as I am so excited over this that she may get the questioned asked to her before the show!
All in all I just wanted to thank all of you for the support and ideas. Also how great is ‘Living Things’ by the way! Loving the cd. Cannot wait to hear Lost in the Echo and Castle of Glass live hopefully!

Good luck. We’ll be at that show. Maybe we’ll see it on the screen.

If they play LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent all together like they did in some recen shows, you should do it then! Chester sings over Mike’s piano , it is so cute and sets out a romantic tone to pop the question, plus it probably isn’t too loud :smiley: To be sure they would be playing these though, check the for the Honda civic tour shows and see what they played.
It would be awesome if Adam could help you out in this and have they show your names on the big screen, or maybe even film you, depending where you guys at. IDK, lol , hope it helps.