Help finding a remix

I had random Linkin Park songs playing on Google, and a remix came on that I skipped within 2 seconds. Right after telling it to skip though, I realized it might actually be a good song, but it’d already skipped to another song. I think it was a remix of Lying from You (the first lyrics were “When I pretend…”) or some song from Meteora. It started out with an audio clip of someone talking, but I already forgot what they said (it was definitely one of the members). I know it wasn’t from Reanimation or Recharged. Does anyone have any clue what song I’m describing?
Also sorry if I put this in the wrong category. I have awful memory and didn’t want to forget more details.

I don’t know any song with that description, maybe searching on the historial you find it.

Could it be a fan-made remix?

I don’t think so. This is going to sound odd, but the remix style sounded like something official. I don’t know how Google works though, so it could maybe be possible it was fan-made.

It migth be by Ghost in the machine or zwieRZ on youtube.

I just checked and neither of them have it, and I’m not seeing it on Google’s music either. I think I’ll just tell it to play Linkin Park again and hope the song will come up again.

Edit: It came up again, and I got the title of it. Thanks for trying to help (and I don’t mean that condescendingly, I mean it as a genuine thanks).

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And what was the song

Most likely ZwieRZ’s


Aaaaaaran!! :tada::tada: cough cough I mean good evening Dr. Aaran - 6 mth no post? How are you man? Hope everything went well? Last thing I remember was you moving to a new town?? Happy to hear from you :blush: @aaran

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That’s definitely the Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You mashup from Collision Course (with Jay-Z). Chester speaks in the beginning (“I ordered a frappuccino, where’s my f*cking frappuccino? All right, let’s do this”).

Then the beat drops and the first “official” words are “when I pretend…”


Wow, I’m kind of embarrassed I didn’t think of that in the first place.

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Yep, its Dirt Off Your Shoulder. Forgot this thread existed lol. Thx @IronSoldier16 for the YouTube link to the song.
Im not so keen on the vocals, but I really love how the remixed instrumentals sound. Thanks for your guys’ help!

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