HELP: Can't purchase LPU 15 merch package

Hello, all, long time listener, first time poster.

Perhaps someone who actively posts here and is familiar with current bugs or irks can help me out here.

I received my LPU 16 package yesterday and went to put the glorious sealed CD with the other 15. Well, 14. I found to my dismay that I had either a) misplaced my LPU 15 CD or b) never bought one as part of a physical package to begin with.

Thus, I began to panic and frantically Google’d it to see if I could find a sealed copy, and had given up all hope when alas, I saw the LPU store had a merch package listed! I made sure I was logged in and my membership was active, and I clicked add to cart, only to hit another brick wall:

When attempting to add the above to my cart, I receive an error that reads:
“You must be a member of the Fan Club to purchase this exclusive item.”

I’m confused - is there another fan club I’m unaware of?

Help :disappointed:

That package stopped being available a while back. Not sure why it’s still in the store to be honest. Cds were limited so dunno if they even have any physical copies left. You can contact the HQ and ask.

I don’t know to much about that problem but I should point out that you might only get half a CD as the other 5-6 songs from LPU 15 were released as bi-monthly mp3 downloads so I’m not sure if they made an updated batch of CDs at the end (I doubt they did).

Thank you two for responding.

evooba, as far as I can tell from the vague (and frankly useless) responses I’m getting from Full Screen Direct, it should be there and they don’t know why I can’t add it either, asking if I was logged in and such.

termin8r, I’m aware it’s only the first 6 songs in the tracklist - I did buy it as a digital download, but I have the other 15 as physical discs now and would like the collection to be complete. I’m not sure why I didn’t get it, or if I thought I could get the CD separately later, but I don’t see that I ordered it ever to have misplaced it.

It sucks I can’t really go into groundctrl and check my old orders. Or my old downloads for that matter.

They did say LPU 15 packages wouldnt be available during the migration of the website. I assume that since LPU 16 launched they don’t sell 15 anymore. That’s just a guess, still, contact the HQ (not full screen) and ask them. They might not reply immediately since it’s the holidays and Lorenzo already said there will be delays but you can give it a shot.

Much appreciated, friend - any idea how to contact the HQ directly? Lorenzo replied to me on Twitter saying he had no idea what that error was and told me to reach out to Full Screen. RIP.

I would assume that is meant to be for sale still. It doesn’t include the membership, and it seems like it’d be a big oversight to not remove it if it weren’t meant to be on the store still. I’m not sure what that error is about. I tried it myself, and it gave me an error that only LPU members can buy it when I was logged out, then gave me a different error (although saying a similar message) when logged in

Can you try again and confirm if it’s the “you must be a member of the Fan Club to purchase this exclusive item”, or something like that?

They both say that I must be a member to purchase it (which I am), just in different ways

This is the message I get while logged out:

And while logged in:

It’s definitely an error on the site side. Even if it was out of stock, it would have given a different error

I’m getting the same messages, possible glitch? Contact Fullscreen, see what they say.

Hi everyone, I knnow it have been passed a long time since this post but I have the same problem with the LPU 14 BUNDLE and I was looking for some help and I find this post so…

Anyone know what happen? A few weeks ago a tried to bought the BUNDLE and it was Out of Stock but then they have put again in stock and I’m triying to purchase but I have the same problem about “you must be a member of the Fan Club to purchase this exclusive item”
Some help? :frowning:

Did you buy an LPU membership? According to your profile, it says you don’t have an active membership. If you got a membership thought pre-ordering One More Light, make sure you redeemed the code to activate it

I have a membership and wanted to buy a second set for my wife without the membership and I keep getting the message :Must have a membership ,also. Just in case I can’t purchase a second one will my lanyard cover my wife to go in early with me? Or does she have to have her own badge?

Just to clarify I purchased mine it wasn’t with the OML purchase.

Depending on the tier you bought, you may still have needed to enter a code on the store to activate the membership. In case you do still need to redeem the membership, here’s some instructions on how to do so:

Your wife would also need to have her own membership and lanyard. I think if the package doesn’t arrive in time, you can substitute it with a print out, but I’m not 100% on that. Just so you know, the LPU14 merchandise bundle does not include a membership, and if it were to have came with a lanyard, which the LPU 14 one does not, it would not be valid anymore

Oh lol I have the 16. So I need to get her one as well. No biggy it’s only five more. When I try to add another on it want to extend my membership will that work for hers or should I use a different device and sign her up for her own?

She will need to have her own separate account, adding another membership to your account will only extend how long until yours expires

Hi, did you manage to solve the problem in the end? I’m getting the same error and don’t know what to do :sweat_smile: