Hello! Everyone , I'm soooo new in here! I want to know people of all the world , I'm from Mexico

Hello! This is my first topic, but I have 3 day in here I still being new, Where are you from? Would you like be my friend ? Have a good day! =)

Hey ! I’m new on here too, I’m from france ;D have a great day too !

Bonjour :heart_eyes:

add me to your friend’s list too :grinning:

Welcome​:sunglasses::sunglasses: Enjoy it, there are loads of soldiers waiting to meet you

Hey! De que parte de Mexico eres?

Hi, welcome here :slight_smile:

Monterrey y tu?

Of course , but How can I do that? (Add to my friends)

Please people tell me how can i add friends?

Welcome! I am from Canada and a member for 3 years. Please feel free to add me, I am on here daily.

Go to Users page, search for an LPU member, go to their profile, click “Add Friend”.


welcome! have lot of fun here! send you a request :wink:

welcome and enjoy!

Thank you for the answer , you help me a lot =)

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Hey Welcome to the LPU. Add me to your friends.

For the record I am Iron Man in the photo.

DF, pero ire a Mty a verlos…
Estaremos levantando los brazos al mismo ritmo el mismo dia :stuck_out_tongue:

Genial! Que padre!

Hi i come from Italy Roma i am Arena Deborah nice to meet you @Raspark :smiley:

hello I’m from India