Health, foods, and all other related topics

Lately I’ve been studying topics like health, foods and all related subjects. Here I wanted to share what I think is important for everybody to look into. These topics may seem somewhat random, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

- Here’s a report on unhealthy foods that can cause diseases such as cancer:


- David Icke on aspartame and other chemical poisons that affect us:

- This is a presentation on various topics such as biowarfare, GMO foods and Geoengineering:

- The following video is about meditation. I’ve tried this and I gotta say it feels very good to do this once in a while. Meditation is good for your mental health.

I’ll keep adding interesting stuff to this OP.

Please share your knowledge too!

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I took a health class in school, but it good to know more about it I love it. :blush:

I kinda support this stuff, because comparing genetical modification of vegetables with classic selection is like comparing a scalpel and a sledgehammer, but that’s my opinion. Anyway, this is a nice topic :smiley:

To my knowledge, GMO food is really bad for your health. Basically any genetically modified thing that you eat is bad.

Well, I respect your opinion
But any food you buy is genetically modified, selection is more slower and unpredictable method

Most, but definitely not all. I don’t know that much about agriculture and harvesting and these things, but I think it would better to support your local greengrocer. Their food is produced more close to nature and therefore the healthiest.

@NickGr, I think you should know that GMOs (most anyway) are banned in the EU, so these legislators give anti-GMO biased rhetorics to justify this ruling.


I know. Still don’t think it’s a better decision, if we’re talking about industry
@rickvanmeijel, supporting local green grocer is always good, not just because of nature, but because they have a very good quality control(here, at least)

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Local green grocers aren’t really a thing here, most people go for the pre packed supermarket stuff.


And living in a house where everything has to be fresh and organic and coming from said local green grocers, I can assure you there’s no difference in taste or whatever with common super market stuff. It’s a waste of money.

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Maybe no difference in taste, but the local green grocers often sell less processed foods which are healthier than most products from the super market

Local greengrocers produce food that is much tastier than supermarket

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I agree…

Is the only thing here…

No one buys it here…

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