*** Haven't recived your TIX/Laminate yet? Info here ***

This was taken from ground(ctrl) replying in another thread. Please follow this information if you haven’t received your ticket(s) and your concert is very soon.

If you don’t receive your tickets in time, DO NOT WORRY. Contact us by phone 877-GND-CTRL (M-F 9-5 PDT) or at http://support.groundctrl.com. Your name will be put on a list of ticket purchasers, which means you’ll be able to pick up your tickets the day of the show at the venue’s box office. [/quote]

(ground(ctrl)) ship tickets as soon as they receive them from the promoter (generally 2-3 weeks before the event, but they are at the mercy of the promoter to get them to them).

Information provided by wade(ctrl)

As far as the LPU Laminate to gain early access to shows. If you have not received yours yet, what you need to do is print out the receipt for your membership and bring that and your ID to your show. Event staff and the LPU staff working the show are all informed on this and are ready to assist anyone needed early access who haven’t received their laminate yet.

To print your receipt go under “Manage Account” click on orders, click on your order number, then at the top left it has the option to print receipt.