Have you guys ever noticed this?

At the end of some versions of Shadow of The Day, you can hear a music clip, and the same clip is used at the beginning of The Catalyst

I’m random, I know. xD

yeah it’s true! O:

LOL! It’s just a single note. Plus who said they can’t use old demos?

It’d make for a cool transition during a live show if they ever did those songs back to back.

I love how LP recycles songs.
There are lots of examples I can give you where an LP song has an element from the past.

Nobody’s listening has a sample of Mike saying ‘Comin’ at you from every side’ which is originally found in High Voltage.
It’s going down has a sample from Dedicated.
Kyur 4 th ich has a sample from Step up(using waves of sound the true master paralyses his opponents leaving them vulnerable to attacks)
Runaway has a riff from Stick n Move from Xero demo tape.

I also found a rare song on the web that is a demo of long version of A.06(demo of a demo, cool), but I’m not gonna share it with you[twisted]
It’s a violin&drum track, but drums are exactly the same and I’m sure it’s A06.

I love how they sample old recordings. I even hear a lil bit of what I’ve done in lies greed misery

Yeah, thats interesting.