Has anyone yet to receive their lanyard?

I bought my LPU when I preordered LIVING THINGS, and still have not received my lanyard. Just wondering if anyone else is still waiting for theirs?

I haven’t received my concert tickets, do they wait a few weeks before they ship them out?

@shotgunopera i did the same thing you did. i got my living things cd yesterday but still no lanyard or concert tickets. US estimated shipping is 4 - 6 weeks and international is 6 - 8 weeks.

Same here, and it’s been over 6 weeks ;n;

Whats the laynard and tickets everyone is mentioning?

For those who have a full LPU membership they receive a lanyard which can get them early access to Linkin Park concerts and events.

And in regards to concert tickets they are sent at an estimated 1-2 weeks before the concert date.

I recieved mine before my LT copy

i haven’t [cry] maybe because i live so far away

Got My Lanyard yesterday! Rockin the lanyard at the Miramar Marine Pharmacy every week day.

me either ><

I was just wondering the same thing. Haven’t got mine yet either.

got mine few weeks ago…i live in hong kong.