Has Anyone seen The Raid: Redemption?

Have you guys seen the movie The Raid? What did yall think about the movie and the Music in that movie?

I think it was one of the best non stop action movie that i have seen in a long time! I also bought the Raid Soundtrack and i think Mike Shinoda did a good job with the music, It sounds pretty good. I wonder when or if its going to come out in Blue Ray… So what do you guys think?

i’m pretty sure a lot of ppl seen that movie. u know cuz it was scored by mshinoda, the guy from lp.

I have! I thought it was awesome! Not just because of the score, but because of the plot and action :).

I saw it on Wednesday and thought it was brilliant! Everyone in the cinema clapped when the two brothers beat the enemy guy, I thought he was never gonna die! Lol

But yeah, the music was brilliant of course, although I think I was paying wayyyy too much attention to it!


Yes, I actually saw it on “Aprils fools day”…think it was on a Sunday’ awesome movie; great score!!

I saw it in March, it was pretty damn amazing.

Jus saw it this Tuesday non stop action I got a kick out of that one lil guy who jus wouldn’t give up even after they stabbed him lol that was one loooooooooooooooong fight

Just like you said. One of the best non stop action movies I think I’ve EVER seen!! Absolutely loved it! The fact that Mike just the score just made it that much better for me!

Saw it but with no subtitles… haha you can understand that I didn’t understand much, only parts that were visually obvious. Even if I didn’t understand a goddamn thing about what they were saying it was still an awesome movie!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched it 2 weeks ago. It was awesome! Best action movie ever! I really really liked it. And the score matches perfectly! Mike and Joe did a great work!

I love that movie just picked it up on blu ray

Wanted to see the movie, never got to though. how is the score on it; because i like theatrical music. And don’t just say its great because Mike made it lol.

I must say I am a proud owner!! It was fantastic!!

Nope, but I’d like to watch

Yes! It was a fantastic movie! I watch it again and again.

i didn’t see the movie but i listened to the full score. it was sooooo good. lots of DUBSTEP… i LOOOOOVE DUBSTEP. does anyone know if i can get it on DVD?

I haven’t seen it yet. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the DVD or maybe even streaming it online?

I just bought it on Blu Ray. So freaking amazing.