Happy New Year LP Forum

To one and all may 2016 by a good one
And remember
We have a new album to look forward too :smile:


wishing you a wonderful new year. May 2016 be filled with love, joy, happiness and everything beautiful!

Happy new year all

Happy New Year guys, hope this one will be better for everyone.

happy new year!!!

Happy new year everyone :grinning: I would come up with some kind of smart-ass remark but I’ve got nothing lol

Happy new year and wish everyone a great 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year… Hope your resolution in 2016 will be realized… :wink: :blush:

it already has

Right, yours was not to have a resolution.

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Best thing to do.

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Happy new year, may 2016 be one of the most beautiful ones



lol, @the_termin8r1

Happy New Year all! :smiley:

It´s late…

Happy New Year! Wish all soldiers the best for 2016

really late @Susannchen did you slept till today? That must have been a very Big booster bang party on New-Years-eve lol :blush:

Sorry :flushed: Laptop was dead :scream:, but now I have a new one :facepunch:

I´m too old for that big bang thing :kissing_heart:, only chilled in the new year

Why are all of our laptop going wrong? First @EvoOba , then mine started screwing about and now yours lol