Happy birthday 🔥


Happy birthday Chester :fire::heart::star:!
We love you :heart:


I’m not sure where else to post this: last night I saw this piece of beauty and I wanted to share it somewhere here ~

Happy birthday Chester <3


Welcome and have fun :slightly_smiling_face: We already have birthdays and anniversaries thread if you want to wish someone happy birthday



Thank you!
Now I’m crying.

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I still can’t listen this song :broken_heart:


Happy Angel Birthday Chester!


Jeeezzz Louise…holy shit, so I click on the link above to watch CB & Mike sing “One More Light”. As usual, I start singing to it, and my voice starts to crack due to tears :sob: just about to come pouring out, AND MY DOG out of no where, just walks into the room, stares at me, and starts licking my leg…!!..it’s like she was saying “I gotcha” it’s gonna be ok…( F**K, NOW the tears are flowing as I’m typing this…!!!
Gotta go…R.I.P. CB…

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Sitting here tears flowing nose running…
Big tough inked up guy, crying like a baby…!!!..Coukd hardly even see through the tears as I’m typing this…
R.I.P. CB…

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