Happy Birthday Phoenix ♥

Happy Birthday from the future! I hope you have a great one Phi, you deserve the best everyday, not just on your birthday! :heart:

Not the 8th here yet but Happy (early) birthday Dave :slight_smile:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHI…greetings from Jakarta,INDONESIA! [heart] keep rockin’ hell yeah!!

Not the 8th yet here :slight_smile: But as I will be sleeping when it is :wink: Happy (early) Birthday!

A thousand times Happy birthday Phi!!!
We love u!! From Japan[wink]

Also from me a happy Perthday :slight_smile: Eventhough it isn’t the 8th here yet, either.

Happy Birthday!!!

Not the 8th here yet, either …
but from me also a happy birthday, Phoe :slight_smile:
best bassist in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday tomorrow PHI!!

well, is february 8th. Happy Birthday Phoenix!!!

happy birthday phinny,
greetings from Earth
i didnt see you had posted this so i have posted again, double birthday wishes for phoenix

@phoenixlp Happy Birthday to you! Russia Loves You!!! :wink:

Wishing all the best, a lot of great moments in this year! :wink:

Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Phoenix


omg I was so busy I forgot today’s his birthday :open_mouth:
I’m curious of what the other members would get him.

Happy Birthday =D

Happy Birthday Dave!!! [smile]

[quote=Hiro]A thousand times Happy birthday Phi!!!
We love u!! From Japan[wink][/quote]

o tanjoubi omedetou…have a very happy bday