Guns N' Roses

Linkin Park has done a partial Cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine in the past and Chester has sung Paradise City with Camp Freddy along with “Slash”, “Duff Mckagan” “Steven Adler” and “Matt Sorrum”. It would be great to see them doing more Covers of GNR, Chester and his family are good friends with Duffs family so for me its like my two fav. bands coming together.

So what songs do u like from GNR or what songs would u want LP to cover?

and what r ur thoughts about the “NEW GNR”, now its just Axl and his new hired members, They released an album in 2008 called “Chinese Democracy”, even it has good songs, listen to “This I Love”, “Street of dreams” and “Better” .

Hope to see LP Covering songs from other bands, Chester’s voice makes any song sound better than the original.

I like about 80 percent of all songs from GNR! they were my fav band before I first became a LP fan in 2003! I would LOVE to see LP do a cover of welcome to the jungle, street of dreams and its so easy :smiley:

How about “I used to Love Her” lol

AXL is an idiot.

He try still tries to come across as all rock and roll and a Rockstar, but it’s stupid. It’s horrible the way they treat there fans at live shows with there fake prescheduled arriving on stage hours late.

Slash is still a Legend. His Solo stuff is superb.

GNR went south after Axl had his diva moment. Slash and the rest of the gang were smart to leave.

BUT if LP was to cover a song, I would want them to finish Sweet Child O’ Mine, and possibly November Rain. Chester’s vocals from “My December” made me think of that song and how awesome it would be to hear it done with the hotness that is Chester :slight_smile:

List of the Greatest Guitarists of all TIME

  1. Slash
  2. Brad Delson
  3. Doc Watson
  4. Adrian Legg

This is just a list of a few I can think of off the top of my head. *This is not in order of awesomeness.*Feel free to add your own. Just remember, ADD. Let’s try and get a real list together!