Guns n' Roses

Before LP became my favorite band, Gun n’ Roses was my all time favorite :). What do you guys think of this band?

I love the songs November Rain and Knocking on heavens door :slight_smile:

they are awesome! axel is a legend. i used to listen to them a lot. my favorite G’n’R song is Sweet child o mine.
i dont know why but i never heard their last album. can somebody tell me if its good!? xD


Love 'em. Well, actually, I love the old Guns ‘n’ Roses (Appetite For Destruction, Use Your Illusion, etc…), when there were Slash, Duff, and the other guys that played in GNR, from late 80s to early 90s… I mean, the “new” band seems just like Axl Rose with some hired people… No offence intended. Anyway, that’s only my very honest opinion.

I like Old School Gn’R my fav. songs are Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome to the Jungle.

I saw Guns n’ Roses way back in 86 wen they were at donington with appetite and i loved the whole album being a fan ever since,i love sweet child of mine and paradise city.not much like who they are nowadays,but early days they were amazing!!

i thought it was cool that my mom said she likes some songs from them. my all time song by them is sweet child of mine. they are cool :3

The original GnR were good. Now Axl Rose just annoys me.

[quote=LP13413]The original GnR were good. Now Axl Rose just annoys me.

I agree somewhat. He has changed through age lol