Guaranteed m&g

I’m one of the people who got one and I emailed LPUHQ with what they told us to do and i haven’t gotten a reply back. My friend[who also got one] didn’t get an email back either, has anyone else not received theirs or got a message back? I’m still trying to figure this out because I know I have one, and if there was an email sent, i must’ve deleted it, so idk what to do.

moar patience please.

[quote=Derek]moar patience please.

what city are you referring to? No meet and greets are ever guaranteed. They usually let you know 24 hrs ahead of time by email if you are chosen, and then if so they give you instructionss

She’s referring to an announcement LPU made saying anyone who signed up for LPU before January with the $60 membership get’s a guaranteed meet and greet for loyalty.

They gave guaranteed m&gs months ago.

They gave guaranteed m&gs months ago.

yeah, there’s two reasons why someone would get the guaranteed M&G:

  1. they joined LPU11 before the $25 price tier was put in place

  2. they were supposed to get a M&G at the DC, Uncasville, or Cincy shows last year that got canceled.

Few replies with no answer lol
People with a guaranteed m&g did get a reply from LPUHQ.

"You are now confirmed to attend the Meet & Greet on -your concert date here-. To complete your Meet & Greet request, it is very important that you RSVP for the Meet & Greet on here -your concert page here-

And “You will receive a confirmation e-mail with more details no later than 2-3 days prior to the show date.”