Group photo with Mike in Berlin

Does anyone know who took the group photo with Mike after the show?
I would really like to see this picture.

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Gruppenphoto? Sind einige auf die Bühne gegangen? Oder ist Mike nach dem Gig noch rausgekommen? In NY waren einige von Don Broco noch am Merch-Stand … Mike leider nicht :cry:

He was signing stuff outside the venue. I almost walked passed him without noticing him because it was very dark.

Ok… oh well, I hope that he’ll do that in Oberhausen as well and I’m sure that my daughter will notice him straight away :joy::rofl:

Was it part of the Meet & Greet? Or was he just signing stuff without any warning?

It’s the first time he has done that

When he played his Fort Minor show in London over a decade ago he stopped by and signed stuff with us

He was standing outside the gate where cars and buses went in and out from the venue. I was one of the last ones to leave the venue with my girlfriend. We saw a group of people standing by the gate and I thought that they are waiting for Mike’s bus to go through. As I continued to go back to my hotel my girlfriend noticed that it was Mike standing there. So we were like 2 meters away from him and almost missed him. I don’t know for how long he had been there. I went to him and my girfriend tried to take a couple of photos. A fan was telling him a personal story about Chester I think. I noticed that Mike looked very tired and told him that, he responded that he is tired. Then some car went through the gate and he told everyone to make way so no-one could get hit. After that he wanted us to make a group photo, he took my phone and wanted to give that to Ed, but I said that I have crappy phone (which was a mistake) and maybe someone has a phone with a better camera, so he asked for another phone and someone reached a phone to him. We took a couple of group shots together and then he went away. And now I’m looking for the person who has the group photo, but it is impossible to find her :frowning:


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He looks like a homeless guy there


I managed to get these low quality photos :frowning:
IMG-20190302-WA0016 IMG-20190302-WA0017
It looks like the photos were taken with a potato. Sad that they were not captured with a decent camera, but it’s my own fault.

Update got on hold of the original photos and re-uploaded them :slight_smile:


Woooooow!!! Mike is the best! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Oh I wish I was there too :slightly_frowning_face:. But it looks fun and I’m happy that you had fun there :wink:

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Wow!! Lucky group❤

Niiice Photo, Love it guys!!