Grey Daze ‘Amends’ Listening Party

Hey everyone!

So it’s 06:16 in the UK right now, I’ve not slept yet, I’m so hardcore. Not.

I’ve just listened to the streaming listening party of Amends and, in my humble opinion, the album is nothing short of amazing! ‘Soul Song’ and ‘She Shines’ are two standout tracks!

Chester’s vocals are just brilliant. There aren’t enough adjectives in the world for my description to do that album justice. Wow.

Now I think I should probably try and sleep, the sun is just starting to rise here.




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I got the album to I don’t think it’s going to come anytime soon.

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They’ve pushed the release date back to June because of the pandemic but Grey Daze decided to stream the album online so fans could hear it, in it’s entirety, on what was ‘release day’.

(Yes, I’m still awake it’s 08:26 now. :metal:)


I listened to 3 of the listening parties last night and I agree with you. What I heard had me just as excited about a new album as when I would listen to a Linkin Park album for the first time.

Grey Daze did an amazing job…I hope they get the credit they deserve, I hope they start making the 2nd album following the same format as they did with the first.

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Sounds promising! I missed the listening party but I’m gonna check it out soon

It was beautiful. :heart_eyes:

I order the album. Just we have to wait long till it comes. :roll_eyes:

Cant wait to listen it. :raised_hands:

Can you still listen to it? I couldn’t find it :thinking:

I don’t think you can listen to it now. It seems like the Grey Daze chaps removed it afterwards. :frowning:

Sadly, they deleted everything. :slightly_frowning_face:
They don’t want the album to go online before the album is out. Being downloaded illegally, it is a pity. Because I like to hear some songs again. Now we just have to wait for the album or they have to put something on Facebook or YouTube themselves.

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That’s a good number too :cake:

Yeah it’s sad how people would do that. But they did do one of you bought the album. I still have to listen.

Yes sadly I wasn’t able to watch this that early and now I can’t find it :pensive: It would be nice if they left it up for a full 24 hours for different timezones to catch up :weary:

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Yeah, agree. Happily, the Netherlands was second or 3th country who had the rights to broadcast the livestream, after the Netherlands Germany came. I watched it again on the LP Germany Facebook page :raised_hands:

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I piggybacked on the California listening party because it was I could find the UK one. Mace and Cristin from Grey Daze we’re in the chat as well talking to fans. It was really great!

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Found out about this originally from a BBC article.
It was awesome to see a photo of Chester on the front page of the site.

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That’s a bummer, I don’t understand why they postponed it. Perhaps there are other ways for now, like @drounzer suggested :wink:

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