Grey Daze: Amends album

As the Grey Daze album Amends is out tomorrow we should celebrate. It’s exciting to have Chester’s music reimagined and available to the world in 2020! Perhaps we’ve never needed it more…

Listening to the album, I really like the contrast of Chester’s voice in each song chosen. It’s a really great mixture of Chester’s voice and showcases his talent and abilities like never before. This highlights why he is the greatest voice of modern rock. He’s very experimental in Grey Daze, discovering his sound and style, so we are spoilt with his range and emotional performance throughout Amends. B12 is really powerful (like One Step Closer) it packs a punch, but Soul Song and Morei Sky are positive and reaffirming (like The Messenger). The Syndrome is emotionally charged yet understated (like In The End and Papercut). Just Like Heroin is my favourite because it’s very dark and sombre (like Breaking The Habit?!).

Lastly, I know there’s some controversy surrounding this album particularly for some Linkin Park fans. I’d personally prefer if they changed how they’re promoting the album and picked another band member to lead it, but I also feel the overwhelming love for Chester in this album. I support this love and that’s what music is truly about. It’s about love and passion. That’s what Chester was, and nothing will ever change that.

The reason we buy/support music is because we enjoy it. Grey Daze have reengineered this music as honestly and sympathetically as they could. If they’d changed it too much they would be accused of sullying Chester’s sound. There is an undeniable improvement on the original Grey Daze musical composition as they never were that great instrumentally. Of course Chester’s voice was always better than their music - hence he found Linkin Park who were expert craftsman in creating and mixing music to the nth degree. So, everything worked out I guess.

This is just a piece of Chester’s story, and for those who admired and valued his talent it is welcomed. Chester would be proud of Amends and happy his fans were able to enjoy this music especially during these dark times. Let’s remember him the way he’d want us to. Through his music :revolving_hearts:

If I had a second chance
I’d make amends


Just gave the album a listen, not bad, but the only song that really stodd out to me was Soul Song.

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Yeah that’s a pretty special song. I’m quite liking “She Shines” the more I listen to it. :smile_cat:

Gonna listen to it asap, can’t wait! I’ll read your post afterwards in case of possible spoilers :joy:

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Just listened to the album in full. Absolutely beautiful, you can tell they did this in honor of Chester and to pay him respect. I have yet to collect my full thoughts on it, but I’m very impressed.


This album is exactly my style. I like Grunge anyway. Moreover, the new version of some songs is more beautiful. “Morei Sky” became my biggest favorite


Really great to know someone appreciates the album here. Whatever way you look at it, Chester wrote the majority of these songs and sung with raw emotion and passion. And none of that is lost. However much people dislike some members of the band, they should have more love for Chester because this album is truly about him. Anyway, the more I listen to Shouting Out the more I realise I overlooked it. Feels a very positive song which were often rare and far between on LP. I like the vibe a lot.

I agree with you as I prefer many of the remastered tracks over the original. They feel cleaner and more modern. Grunge is also my style so this fits well given we have little in the market to choose from. It’s amazing that this type of music still shines so brightly. It’s because it has raw emotion and heart. Beats anything I’ve heard in years. Enjoying the music whilst celebrating Chester’s talent and passion. Sucks to be anyone who can’t.


Exactly! I feel it’s also because of the lyrics, many of these songs seem timeless to me. And I agree that too many are focusing on the drama behind the scenes. This album is about Chester and it’s here for us to experience and enjoy.

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So I’ve counted a total of 8 vinyl variations of this album. As crazy as that sounds, am I missing any?

  1. Deluxe
  2. Black Ice
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. FYE Clear
  6. Picture Disk 1
  7. Picture Disk 2
  8. Picture Disk 3 (Spotify)

I doubt anyone on here will know. Barely anyone on here has even listened to the album yet it seems. It’s a pretty good reimagined album in my view although I wouldn’t buy the vinyls. I just like music, I don’t do commercialism.

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