Got my confirmation email for the LPU listening party Friday in Burbank!

Thank you LPU for always being just the most amazing fan club ever! Anyone else going?

havent got email yet. how many did they select? cuz 86 were signed up

ATS had 20-25 people at the WBR listening event. Looks like only 2 people have confirmed they got an email. Guessing the emails went out at once like usual.

i got my confirmation as well :slight_smile: i can’t believe what i’m going to be hearing tomorrow, it’s insane to think about.

me AND my friend both got ours. so add 2 more to that. :slight_smile:

Wow have fun guys!!!

See you all there!

yo guys how was it? was LP there?

Did you get the confirmation email THE DAY OF/THE DAY BEFORE? i’m trying to figure out how LPU works with confirmations, i’ve signed up for 2 meet and greets so i want as much info as possible :slight_smile:

also, HOW WAS IT!!! i can’t WAIT for the new album!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

where is it??

Nah they weren’t there. However, Adam from LPU was there… only one I recognized anyway.