Got my CD in the mail today in the US

I just got my CD in the mail today even though it’s not supposed to be released until the 26th, is this normal?

I’m sure it is. It’s awesome. Embrace it :slight_smile:

got mine today too! seems cool since its already streaming online. enjoy!

Just got for mine in the UK! I didn’t realise it would come with the LPU11 CD as well! So glad I finally got my lanyard too :slight_smile:


Greetings from germany :slight_smile:
got mine yesterday too :wink: but here the official release date was the 22th not the 26th…

wow! so maybe i will receive mine soon :stuck_out_tongue:

i got mine one yesterday too(in the Netherlands). great fucking amazing. !! :smiley:
love the mix of new & old


Lucky! The email I was sent said I won’t be getting mine until June 27th which is the day after the release day -_- Hopefully it will come earlier.

I also did!!! I live in Macon,GA and got mine 3 days early!!! @$#! YESSS!!! [smile][cool]

Just tracked my package again and it is currently in Logan Township, New Jersey. I live in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey so it is already in the same state! My projected delivery date is June 27th however but hopefully that is incorrect and I will receive it earlier.

mine came in the mail today too! I went grocery shopping - when I came home I saw the box in my mailbox, I grabbed it and went inside! I was so excited that I completely forgot about all of the perishable groceries in my car! It’s in the 90’s - melted popsicle anyone?

I haven’t got mine yet, its meant to come Monday here in the UK but when ATS was released i got it 3 days before the actual release date. :smiley:

I got mine on Friday too but I won’t be opening it until the release date. Though, it is hard to resist since I’m in need of new music to listen to right now and you know Linkin Park is always good for it.

my cd came a day late -.-

Hopefully i’ll get mine tomorrow (uk release date), but i haven’t even recieved an email confirming its been shipped I had to check on the warnerstore (which it has been), how weird its that?