Is here anyone who is totally obsessed with French metallers Gojira, just like me?

If so:
What is your favourite song? How did you find the band? Favourite album?

Right now my favourite song is “Global Warming”. After a time that song just feels like a drug trip (or at least what I think a drug trip feels like). I totally love the monotonity of it and how they filled a 7min song with just mainly two different riffs.
My favourite album is “From Mard To Sirius”, because thise songs have some of the sickest and most bad-ass riffs ever. Just a perfect record without any boring moments.

I’m not obsessed with them, but they sure are a good band! I remember finding out about them when I was looking at Meshuggah videos online. Both bands are amazing :o

Oh yeah… Meshuggah are awesome too.
Tour of both would be really awesome. But I still like Gojira better. Songs like “In The Wilderness” are just killing everything (especially the riff at the ending).