Go home you're drunk!


Was the second part of the thinkg0to-type? So close

Type: We need something more complicated.


We need something more complicated

Type : Well if you want, I can tell you my favourite number : 2, and also my birthdate : 11/30/98 so you can have more “difficulties”.


wekk uif you eant i can tell you my fsvourute numver: 3 , and also my bithdaye : 11/39.09 so you can ha e some more : difficultires"

i ruined it bad lol

type: This is very bad i got a “difficult” one! I am just tooo veryy happy to be back lol


This is very bad I got a :difficult: one! I am just tooo very happy ti be bac lol

oof, not my best one :joy:

Type: I am here to do something that cannot be undone. I am the embodiment of pure chaos. default dances


I am bere to fo something that conno5 b3 undome i am embodiment of pure chaos, *defajkt dancr"

Type: This was even more worser :worried: