oh yea i’m asking it!!!

does anyone like glee and if so name any songs they have done that you liked or even the ones you did not like.

some songs i like are: not in order of favorites.

i kissed a girl, lovin touchin squeezin, last name, somebody to love, halo walking on sunshine, sweet caroline, bad romance, born this way, we are young, i feel pretty, damnit janet, time warp, valerie, raise your glass, light up the world, tik tok, run the world (dont like the original song but the part in the show was awesome), last friday night, rumour has it/someone like you, and red solo cup

Glee is awesome :’) That’s so weird that I like it because it’s not my style x) but hmm…I can’t name any good songs because I like them all :’)

Dnt tell anyone but I did like glee. My wife and I enjoyed the show,but after talking it up for months it was pulled dy the local network midway into season 1! [smile][smile]

hahah :'D I think we can keep the secret

More for girls in my opinion :slight_smile: kinda like Twilight lol.


I hate Twilight ;D sorry if there’s someone huge fan!

Sorry I’m a girl and I hate glee my brothers and my parents watch it though

glee is nothing like twilight.

if you go to you can watch all season :3

I like Glee too!

Hate it with a passion :slight_smile:

[quote=Ginger]Hate it with a passion :slight_smile:

haha! indeed :’)

[quote=Ginger]Hate it with a passion :slight_smile:

I love Glee! I’ve seen all of it, hate to wait for new episodes in April! :stuck_out_tongue: Generally, I like most of the songs they have sung. :slight_smile: They are all so good to sing and perform!

I like some of their songs. Get it right is still my favorite:) Though I think that some times the songs are quite repetitive, too many yelling.