Give me small help please


Hey guys!
I think, you know me pretty well already! :smiley: I make covers and own music and post tons of videos in this forum chapter.
Today no videos or covers.
I came across a problem: to release the remix officially I need an agreement with publishers. So, can somebody tell me, how I should contact with Post Traumatic publishers? I made an Over Again remix long time ago, and still maybe there is a chance to release it. But agreement is needed.
Please help. Any suggestions:)


@rickvanmeijel maybe you know something??


Thanks for tagging me. To be honest, I’m not really into rights of publishing when it comes to remixes and covers and all that. All I know is that you can freely use the acapellas and instrumentals that Mike has released. It shouldn’t be a problem to upload your remix in general. What platform requires that agreement?


Thanks for getting in touch:) I also thought that. I want to make a release with LANDR. Though the acapella and instrumental were free to use, they still need the official agreement to proceed with the release. I was planning to hit iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and so on :smiley:

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That’s weird. I’d use something else then, or master it yourself if you can do it!

@stormy_day Thanks for subscribing :wink:


I just recently released my own album with their help and pre-paid yearly subscription :smiley: It’s ok. At least soon they will make my LP covers licensed:)

Nice music!:slight_smile:


How cool! I will give it a listen soon :slight_smile:


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