Ghosts 👻 Around us?


I saw a video about a family who had caught a ghost on camera. A person said, the gentleman who lived in the house :house: has passed away by jumping out of the window. The family is sure, they are getting stalked by the gentleman ghost. If people who commit suicide end up as ghosts? Do we don‘t see them anymore?


Oh, that’s a pretty hard question to answer…
It’s like asking what is after death and that’s impossible to say


But could it be? If others are able to catch a mysterious figure on the camera and even babys are feeling that someone is in an room and looking after something invisible… ?? Do we have a dead Person Problem on this world and do people with depressions maybe see them?


I sincerely don’t believe ghosts since science said it’s impossible. But I believe in soul, anyway I don’t want to believe souls can get stuck in this world because it’s just horrible :cry: poor souls

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