Ghosts 👻 Around us?

I saw a video about a family who had caught a ghost on camera. A person said, the gentleman who lived in the house :house: has passed away by jumping out of the window. The family is sure, they are getting stalked by the gentleman ghost. If people who commit suicide end up as ghosts? Do we don‘t see them anymore?


Oh, that’s a pretty hard question to answer…
It’s like asking what is after death and that’s impossible to say

But could it be? If others are able to catch a mysterious figure on the camera and even babys are feeling that someone is in an room and looking after something invisible… ?? Do we have a dead Person Problem on this world and do people with depressions maybe see them?

I sincerely don’t believe ghosts since science said it’s impossible. But I believe in soul, anyway I don’t want to believe souls can get stuck in this world because it’s just horrible :cry: poor souls

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Is ghost available yet? I am confused.

Are you referring to Ghosts by Mike? If so then yes, its been out for a long time.

If your more curious about ghost you could watch ghost caught on camera on YouTube I watched some and it’s pretty trippy

all fakes my dear @annejprado !

ghosts are fakes too… they become what you believe in.
They’re aliens for others… ain’t that thought as creepy?
but ain’t both a little condescending compared to the word ‘demons’?

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Just watch it and you tell meeh

had more personal occurrences than all the fakes combined :stuck_out_tongue:
Only when i realized what they really were did they come for the final attack .
“if you can’t fool them, try to scare them” situation
but i turned out harder to swallow than they expected i guess :man_shrugging:

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so you’ve had experiences with ghosts?

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I like this post :sunglasses:

It has been said if a person dies a violent death then their soul isn’t at rest. By dying that way no one really knows how that person was feeling. A damaged soul can leave behind anything if that place was negative to them

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Don’t lie to her—don’t listen to him. Ghost are real just like angels and aliens. When people cannot explain something they say it’s not real and try to burry it.

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@jrtrussell Never seen a “ghost” but I’ve had all the sleep paralysis experiences i’ve heard of.
It’s real spooky when you discover something is known in other places and you thought it was a bad dream.
Aliens is the one that got me believing in for a long time…

I do believe they are also responsible for depressive moods (even though depression is caused by mistakes of ours or the apathy of others(which i call “murder by negligence”))

I have a video under my account called “Unearthed”
kinda shares some experiences and what they reveal around the subject

@intheend i am far from discrediting the phenomena my friend.
I just won’t ever agree with the deception of the narrative knowing the truth.

Eg. If someone died a violent death and is now stuck between worlds seeking revenge
doesn’t that show a God that is not in control?
My discoveries (discovery,proof = far from being called “faith”) say that the dice we throw seem to be chance but if they lead to a destiny that amazes us, then those dice too were included in the mix.
i use a mythological hero to explain that in the video “depression killer”

I hate talking when i make videos to avoid precisely that but
leading others into things we too haven’t verified but perpetrate because of films and youtube vids may lead’em into danger and who will forgive us for that then?

Just trying to protect both sides!

If your foundation is of atheism or worse then the truth claims ownership on you and maybe your house too.
i don’t disagree you see…
i find these phenomena more real than life (=living dreams) itself, because they directly affect one another!

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What about all these Quija phenomens where plants were thrown by ghosts on the ground or they felt cold touching on the skin?

i 100% believe those!
but it’s who’s behind them i disagree with.
See, a lot can happen when you concede to communicate with the dark.

if i were the dark, i too would claim i am a deceased relative to you, i wouldn’t tell you the truth.
The truth is that we become vulnerable to these things with our choices of 7 sins.
It is how we allow them in and give them room to play.
(Being John Malcovich is a good analogy)

Quija should be banned
but instead…
it’s now available for kids parties.

making some reference to this in “what may [2018] bring”
small one but it’s there.
children are in extreme danger due to their parents lusty (at best) negligence to find the truth and then use it as a shield (teach it) to protect them from lies.
But they trust Disney instead to raise them up… someone more dangerous than this board itself.
hmm… maybe a vid here…
It might hurt, but guilt is our last chance for redemption!


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There us a lot of truth in the video and it is really embarrassing. I still don’t understand the connection to ghosts but thank you for the try.

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So, I had a strange experience as a teenager. I was riding my bike back home from school and at the church right on the street and before the door where everywhere people staying. Dark dressed not moving and looking around like they don’t know what is going on. They didn’t walked away and I tried to talk with them but didn’t understood what they are saying 100 percent. It was some kind of slang. A women was questioning and they were all not similar dressed. It was extremely strange to me, because the people in the store next to the church started starring at me… I didn’t understood that they don’t see the people. Before two years the street before the church got renewed and exactly on the place where all of these people were staying at that time is a old graveyard from the 13th century. When I read the newspaper I remembered that one person was saying something like „she is waiting for the priest“. It was awkward but to the time I saw all these people I was very depressive and this is the reason why I was asking here about these connection from depression and ghost visualization!

On the day Chester died I was learning for my exams and something pushed me down the chair so hard, that I felt directly against the window. That was absolutely horrible, because a few hours later I saw the news that Chester died that day. I was learning into the night and had not a lot of sleep but the news that day shut me down in a way that affects me still today.

Thank you for the comment my friend.
They can get complicated but a pause helps.
Just as a pause in life is necessary to evaluate our deeds and decide our future course.
I’ll try to explain the connection harder then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s not a choice for me, it’s a job!

notice that girl, she runs away and all she can find is ghosts and shadows…
When something annoys a child we should have the right remedy to it just like a disease.
If we attack the symptoms, the underlying sickness does not go away and it can get life-threatening until we discover the real causes.

At 7 years old i discovered a series of old books and realized this was what i wanted to do in life.
the “Encyclopedia” is called “Psychology and Parapsychology.”
But later, i derailed into computer sciences :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe so i can make videos instead of talk…
i believe the two terms are widely interconnected (the two Ps)
There are no ghosts, by definition of what is true and not.
But if the lies get to you, then you too become a lie, hence you belong to it then as its part.
That’s why they masquerade as something “easier to digest” as ghosts or aliens.
They wouldn’t do it if they had nothing to gain.
Let’s accept “they” as something conscious that is not “us”.

Hard to win an argument about this when words can never be proof.
There’s no need to argue though, because from the viewpoint of truth, the debate is won already, so we should try finding it by examining the evidence we have so we can be on its side.
For me, finding the truth meant trying to verify and bring proof of what i today call lies .
They are there for a reason too.

I just read your experience (we were typing together) and i will admit it spooks me out too.
There will be more of those if you allow them the room.
a bright room has no fear of shadows.
I’ve done what i can to lead to truth proof by proof and it’s under this yt channel starting on playlist 2016 as they come. dressed in LP and everything!

LPU needs to step up into this, since i do think Chester tried to warn us
and a lot of our friends are in danger while he hesitate to open our eyes to the truth!
If you ask me what i believe the truth to be, this thread will go off course :stuck_out_tongue:

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