Germany/Europe touring cycle confirmed?

On the official German website of Linkin Park there was recently a competition, where you can win tickets for the Linkin Park Germany tour in fall, even though there aren’t any dates confirmed. For me, it means, they’ll do a Europe tour later this year :smiley:

Hope so)))

yeah, when I read it, I was also like 'whoooooooooooooooooooop, Linkin Park comes to Germany again!'
It will be awesome. I’m so looking forward to it!

ohh gosh…I want LP in Poland again! and when they will not come to PL I will go to Germany to see them again:)

As long as they come to the UK. The UK preorder for LIVING THINGS suggested that they where pretty much doing that as it said users would get presale.

I expect it will be announced soon.

The UK was missed out on the recent touring run. I think prob cause they weren’t able to secure any festival dates having just played Download last year.

Actually yeah…Mike said like a month ago or so that tour dates will be announced sometime in August. It was on a radio interview :wink:

im on the edge of my seat waiting for them to announce a UK event!

Can’t wait to see them live again.

Of course an European tour is on its way, why else would we be promised early entry to the LIVING THINGS European tour when we pre-ordered the album? :wink:

I just hope they’ll pay Denmark a visit as well. I don’t mind traveling to other countries, but it’s cheaper if they play in my own country. :wink:

New Europe tour? So awesome, hopefully they come to Finland this time. It would be so awesome to see them play live for the second time! xD

yes i thougt the same when i saw it!

on there was also a competition to win a Meet&Greet with LP. and i don’t think that the German winner have to go to US to one of their summer tour dates!
so let’s hope! :slight_smile:

They might just be assuming their will be one and are getting ready in advance :smiley:

Lp is like 4/5 times in germany every tour :confused:
Why don’t they go to borders of Europe more often? 3rd show in Poland would be perfect!

Moreover, Adam, we are waiting for you to come, we need to take the photo again ^^

hmm, wait, in my city there is going to be an airport opened this autumn. LP go go for the opening :smiley: