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Ah lol! It was so easy to guess… :joy: :see_no_evil:

Weeell… I watched and again not a fan… I like action movies,thriller etc…

Horror the most part are just funny… :sweat_smile:

EDITED :stuck_out_tongue:


So what films do you like then? And why are thrillers funny?


Let me think… difficult to remember everything… :sweat_smile:
Anyway…for example "paranormal activity"or the classic “scream”… c’mon they’re just idiotic hence funny at some point…
Movies I like… :thinking: Terminator, oh the Pirates of C. , die hard, some avengers like Ironman, some historical/war too now can’t remember the names…whatever has warriors/fights etc…ah J.Wick… :thinking: I’ll think better… :smile:

EDIT: oh I like Disney movies too… lol


That’s horror, they’re hilarious.

Thrillers are films like Moon, Ex Machnia, Arrival, 7 psychopaths. Where not much tends to happen, they’re usually set in a small place and have a few actors yet keep you engaged throughout until a big reveal.


I said… :stuck_out_tongue:


The punctuation lead me to believe that all of those genres are funny to you.


Ah no! Sorry! It was to separate the two things…




I waaaaas going to watch life of pi but… uf! :sleepy: El oh el


What happened?

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If she used the correct emoji, she felt asleep, I guess.


I am tooo late to reply! :joy:
Actually that got deleted or it got lost i just don’t know! That was soo sad . It’s hard to download movies since our stupid wifi has blocked many websites… :neutral_face:

True :joy: i need to use the same emoji again… soo sleepy and too tired!


Is anyone going to see that movie called “The Festival”? I see the adverts on TV a lot but I really don’t understand the movie and what it is supposed to be.


Haven’t heard of it or seen anything about it.

On another note, if anyone is looking to see a good film, go and watch ‘9’ (As a number, not a word, ‘Nine’ is a totally different film). It’s a pretty good animated film that started out as a pet project of a uni student if I recall correctly.


@the_termin8r, the trailers for The Festival are WEIRD!


I’ll check them out at some point. As for now, I’m trying to watch The Blair Witch Project. I’ve got about 30 mins left. This was a mistake, it’s so bloody boring.


Just saw the trailer @raz7. Nothing weird or confusing about it, just one of the stupidest looking films ever. Almost looks like a terrible version of the Hangover or something.

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super late but just caught Solo last night at the movies…
the stand alone films are funky, more like just enjoyable past times- the chick pissed me off :triumph::crazy_face:


Thats the mother of dragons you talkin about!!:joy:


I’m going to see the Equaliser 2 in a little while. Has anyone else seen it? What are your views