General admission Chula Vista

Just bought tickets to the Chula Vista show and got general admission (not noticing the reserved seats section)…what kind of seating is there for general admission…is that a lawn? Anyone know that ampitheater?

General admission means you WON’T get a seat. Here is what the Chula Vista location looks like:

There is a lawn area, but why would you pay the $$$ to get General Admission and go up to the lawn? Lawn seats are usually the cheapest but you can’t go anywhere else. General Admission you can go up in the PIT area which is the first section directly in front of the stage.

Hope this answers your question.

no seats… I believe that would mean you are on the floor… I don’t think ALL the seats are on sale right now… just the ones that are reeeeally close to the stage… So you’ll probably be in the pit. :slight_smile:

holy crap!!! ive always thought general admin to be an open area without seating up in the front!!! and now that you mention this i hope its not lawn (SMH) i went straight for the gen admin.

I can almost guarantee you got tickets for the PIT (closest to the stage) in front of sections 101 thru 103. These are probably the most popular for those that want to get up close, however you will be standing and not have anywhere to sit the entire time. (This is also where any moshing will be.)

I’m sure they didn’t even attempt to sell the LAWN section yet, especially to LPU members at a presale.

We can only cross our fingers.

To clear it all up, I called the amphitheater and the lady I talked to was nice enough to look up the seating info for me cause it hasn’t been posted yet, and she said it’s gonna be the general admission pit right in front of the stage. So if you got a GA ticket, better get there early.

Hoo boy, we bought tix for GA at Chula Vista and that section looks pretty darn small. Going to have to line up REALLY early…guess it’s going to be an all-day event!

That’s exactly the reason why I don’t go for GA or PIT tickets. I don’t want to have to stand the entire time just to have a good spot, and you’d basically have no room at all to move around. Just going to the bathroom will be a huge issue. Not to mention if you are lucky enough to be selected for the Meet & Greet, you’ll have to leave the PIT and by the time you are done meeting the band, you will have a super hard time trying to get a good spot in the PIT.

I’m perfectly satisfied with my reserved seats, 4th row in the first center section 102 [biggrin]