GarageBand fun!


Sooo… i’m currently trying to spend my free time playing some stuff in GB… this is the thread for all the demos i might record using digital instruments, loops, etc



Whoa!! I’ve been goofing off with it for the past few weeks after having it since I can remember
I just poke at random stuff though then pretend I’m awesome lol
You just put anything I’ve done to shame though :joy:
They sound awesome! I particularly like never ending :+1:

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Will check this out tomorrow

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We had a garage band project for music in high school. I distinctly remember hating the software. Also we had the chance to ruin Numb because we were given a few acapellas and Numb was one of them. I just came off of stagelight a moment ago, didn’t like it much either :stuck_out_tongue: . Maybe music composition software isn’t my thing. Strictly speaking art of any sort isn’t my thing, I get serious jealousy issues sometimes :joy: .


That must’ve been some time ago. Till the few last updates GB was extremely horrible. It was lagging like hell


That would have been about 4 years ago.

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I really did love all of them . You really do have a great talent. :hugs: Check discord @NickGr


Completely agreed!


Awww @Honey8 and @lpfan61 , you’re just TOO kind. I’m only exploring how GB works + playing on digital isn’t the same as playing real instrument


I liked all of them !! And following :slight_smile: great job

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I’ve seen that :hugs:

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Neat! Good stuff! “Hide” is my favorite of the three, but “Neverending Summer” reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots. I feel like the guitar is a little too erratic at times. Maybe choose moments for the guitar to shine, or, if you want the little guitar licks in there, they might sound fine if you add a melody track in to hold it all together.

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NS was one of the very first digital guitar tryouts… anyway, thanks for the idea, maybe i’ll try it …

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Aaand some keyes)


Nice. Just a little trap music for our ear drums. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was nice… already listened on sound cloud

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Alright, a couple of digital guitar demos. Found out there’s a variety of available guitars, also trying out some settings in GB


:guitar: :notes: :guitar: :notes: :notes: :notes: :guitar: :drum: Sooooo niceeee! :smile: :smiley: I don’t know which choose to be my favourite! I like them so much! :grin: :blush:

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I will listen on sound cloud. :blush: Still damn sure they would be pretty awesome!

Edit: and hoping to get mac soon. Really hope my dad buys it.

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Thanks. :hugs: I’ve tried some equalizers with solo guitar in both works

I hope you’ll enjoy them :hugs::

fingers crossed! oh and i’ve found out GB for iPhone is also pretty cool especially if you play keyes