Game: Lie to Me (AKA The VICTIMIZING Game)


We’ve got a winner!


The tough part of this game is that you become a victim when you answer correctly. Huehuehue

  1. I once took a book from “Book Donation Drive” collection for my personal use.
  2. I once crashed my bike on a highway, still went to interview in the blood stained clothes.
  3. I once did voice acting (I don’t remember the actual terminology) for my school play wherein I voiced 8 different characters.

the second sounds a bit far fetched so I’ll go with that.


That’s not far fetched, but does have a bit of fiction. I was on the bike when the tyre exploded on the highway. A few locals helped me with first aid, and I had to go to the interview with blood all over my clothes, and scratches on my hand. Somehow I did manage to crack the interview. Happy ending. :slightly_smiling:

Nevertheless, you are right as the others are all correct. Go! Go! Go!


-I’ve been in several instances where I’ve cut myself on something and didn’t realize until I noticed myself bleeding on whatever was in front of me at the time.

-I’ve never broken a bone

-I speak 3 languages


Never broke a bone?


Surprisingly no. My overprotective parents are to blame. Yet, my sister fractured her arm in school a couple of years ago and I was/am miles more reckless than her.


Speak 3 languages?


Yeah. Strictly speaking I do actually speak 3 but I don’t think martian counts :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • I’ve had my posters fall off the wall in the middle of the night on my bed and somehow manage to not rip/destroy them at all by morning time.
  • Have snuck mine (and my aunt’s) dogs in my bed at night.
  • Had a major anxiety attack at some point in life.

The third?


Nope, that’s true.


The first?


The second?


Yeap, that’s the one.
I’ve tried doing it but never succeeded :frowning:


ot nice topic/game @evooba, lol who´s next? lol


@EvoOba What happens when people guess the two wrong ones? And the third is practically handed the answer? I think if your lie isn’t guessed by the second person the person who went last should tag sombody else.



Yeap, sounds good. I hadn’t thought of that at all :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, c´mon @samuel_the_leader keeps it rolling :yum:


I agree.

I am currently living a few miles away from a U.S.military outpost.

I have never eaten ostrich meat before.

I have been (jokingly) accused of ‘molesting’ my cousin’s dog. (Accused by her husband)