Game: Answer question with a question

Why should I reply this question?

Don’t you want to know what i was referring to?

Do I want to?

Don’t you? Or i guess do others want to?

How am I gonna know their opinion?

Won’t you ask them about their opinion?

Why should I do that? Am I a stalker?

You need to be stalker to ask something?

Well ask the onion @framos1792 do we need to be a stalkers to ask something?

Why is @framos1792 called onion? :joy:

Don’t you know the real reason?

No i don’t…why do you think I’d ask then? :joy:

Aren’t you a stalker, are you?

Nopes! Did you think i am a stalker?

Should I tell you the true? :thinking:

of course why won’t you?

can you tell me? 'cuz I don’t know.

i cant. even i dont know, then who can? (are we the only one playing this :stuck_out_tongue: onions and bats welcomed by a bee @chigokurosaki @framos1792 )

What if I join too? :blush:

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Welcome dear :heart: :hugs:

who else is in? :smiley:

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