Ga floor section

i was wondering how big the ga section is. is it the whole soccer field or just a section of it near the stage? obviously being at the back end of a soccer field would not be a good spot

Been there for two seperate concerts…its usually the WHOLE soccer field…which yea sucks if ur in the back. For one concert they even split the field in half, so ifur late there is no way u can get to the very front because of the barrier…so guess u got to get there early.

how early did u get there? when did they open the parking lots? did u get a good spot?

For the greenday show…i think we got there like an hour before and we were right up front (for most of the night lol). For the Smashing Pumpkins one…we kinda didnt care as much to be upfront so we got there late and pretty much were in the back of GA…which for us wasnt bad…but then again we didnt pay triple digits for the tixs either…