Funny moments that happened with music

What I mean is: was there ever a time that something happened with music that was funny.

like one time i was in the car with my sister and her boyfriend and the song gangnam style came on when it was still new. and it was at the part when it was getting to the chorus and when it stops and then saying the GS but then my sisters phone died. so we were all waiting for the guy to say the line. and once it went passed almost 4 seconds we all looked at each other, then she said her phone died

i know another thing that happened was with my younger sister and younger brother. they were listening to slipknot’s song before i forget and they were at a stop light and in the song when Corey said “Go” the light turned green.

Well, I’d like to mention just one case that happened recently. I was listening to Linkin Park on my computer, but the media player sometimes goes crazy. And when I was listening to “Crawling” the glitch showed up again making Chester repeat the “cure” part of the word insecure like six or more times.
“That would be a nice sample, it just needs some scratching”, I thought [biggrin]

A friend of mine had a good one. He was at a restaurant, and sitting behind him were a couple who judging by the conversation, were breaking up. The classic “I think we need space” and “we should see other people” quotes were dropped, and then as the female (the one we believe committed the dumping) got up to leave, the stereo in the restaurant started playing some hugely romantic song (can’t think what it’s called), which had the line “never wanna leave you behind” or something…ouch man

I’m bringing this post back. I might not have any new stories to tell, but I know someone has to. 2013 meet 2016

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No, not like this. I meant you and music not a video of musicians, actors, and whatnot.

I was traveling to another city by car, dad was driving, it was early in the morning (5 or 6am or so) and raining like hell and I put Riders On The Storm by The Doors on and my dad went like “Oh, I see what you did there, nicely played” and we sped through the highway. I felt like I was in a NFS game.

I’ve never heard that song, did you mean to do it, were you expecting him to react this way. It seems like he said that in a teasingly way :3

Where you scared?

It was in our playlist, it just played at the right moment.
No, I wasn’t scared, I love speed and empty highways.

Oh, alright. Still funny. I remember one time my sister told me she was riding with my younger brother. They were at a stop light and slipknot was just now coming on. And right when the light turned green, the song went ‘Go!’

Ok. My dad had eye surgery last year. Doctor told him to make sure his operated eye would not get wet. Which meant; no water. Which my dad translated into; No bathing or showering.

It was a week since the operation when we had to go to the hospital with my dad for a check-up on the eye. He wasn’t smelling that pleasantly. Me and my stepmom were making jokes about it, but my dad felt quite insulted. My stepmom decided to turn on the radio for some distraction.

This Dutch song played and the singer sang, loosely translated:

“Honey, you stink.
But that doesn’t mean
that I don’t love you.
But it doesn’t mean
that I like it that you stink.
We have to do something,
we have to do something.”

Well… Needles to say we laughed a lot during that song. My dad was still insulted though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What AJ! What did you post!!!

Aw poor guy. That happened to my sister once. For Valentine’s Day our mom got us all bunnies. Mines is green, hers was pink and my brother has a white bunny with a football attached to its hand. Well my sister lost her bunny and she said before turning on the radio something like, ‘I’m on my own’ she was silenced after because right on cue, Green Day’s song came on Bobg’s. It was. Amazing.

I posted something funny, but then it had nothing to do with music…I’m a bit tired I guess , so I misread the instructions!

Bad noodle.

I tend to listen to LP when I do my assignments.( mainly because I know the lyrics and songs so well that it doesn’t distract me from the task). During the final stages of my dissertation, after countless times editing it, I had to edit it one last time. By that time I was absolutely sick of it. And right then, Bleed it Out started playing