Friday Hollywood Bowl show... anyone want to go?

I have an extra ticket to the show. Does anyone want to go? Looking to make someone’s day. #MakeChesterProud


That s soo sweet of you to do that for lpu

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thanks, but sadly no one has replied. oh well, I will post in some other places now to see if anyone is interested. I just want to help a big fan like me go when they think they will not get a chance to go.

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Do you really have a ticket?
If so, it would be awesome to contact you? My email is:

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yes i do. i’ll send u an email now

I really would like to go but I would have to catch a plane to be there… :airplane:

where would u need to catch a plane from?

I believe @VX1 may be going with me… but there still might be another ticket.

I love to go but sadly i can’t i live in nj and i can’t afford it. But I’ll on YouTube at 745. Pm to see the live stream.

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Hi! If the extra ticket is still available, please message me. Thank you! Good karma coming to you!!

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awww so sad. but yes, thank goodness for live stream!

@VX1 is going with me now. If something comes up differently I will definitely message u. Don’t want a ticket wasted :slight_smile:

From Brazil. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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@fufuskeet we have an extra ticket! i don’t know how to msg on here. willing to give to u. call me 702-321-2916

lol :blush: aww i wish i can fly u down

Yes!!! Heart you so much! Ty! See you soon.