Fort Minor tickets for sale

Hi guys,

I have two Fort Minor ticket for sale as I can’t go anymore.

I am in East Malling, Kent and you can pay for the tickets by PayPal (face value) but you will need to collect them from me or I can post them to you special delivery (£4 ish) and you would have them Tuesday.

So annoyed I am 16 but don’t have photo ID to get into the night club.

Thanks (sobbing here).


How old do you have to be to get in?

16 but 16 to 25 have to have photo ID as its a night club -bummer!

I see. It’s a shame because I can’t buy them off you as I can’t go :confused:

Side note: Would an oyster card or my college ID be enough if I were to go?

It may be…

I wouldn’t of thought so. Most places only accept provisional/full driving license or passport

Try to sell them through “get me in” maybe? Ehh, shame you can’t go - I’m coming from Maidstone. Would’ve taken the same train back.)

Hey man, I think i would be interested in the tickets for the london gig if they are still available?

Would need to do the special delivery though as i live in Coventry

Can do special delivery and post them tomorrow a.m. to get to you Tuesday, will someone be home to sign for them?

Too late for Get Me in as its too close to the concert, trying lots of sites. If u get any good photos can I have copies??? Its gonna be years before I get to see him next time x

If u can pay by PayPal Mum can do special delivery and post them tomorrow a.m. to get to you Tuesday, will someone be home to sign for them?

Yeah how much would it cost all together then mate? I’m just trying to contact my mate to make sure he can come ha

£54 for the pair - tickets were £25 each (face value) + £4 for special delivery. Does not include any of the booking fees, those are my problem but if I get back the money for the tickets that would be great. Please let me know yes or no within the next hour please

Okay that’s great mate. Do you want to send me the PayPal account details and I’ll send you the money. Shall I send you my address on here?

I can send you an invoice , I just need you email and then that should give me your address and I will check with you that its the right one. (This is the mum here typing now). This will also give you my email and then I can contact you with my phone number and details. Thanks

That sounds good. My email address is

Have posted a reply on the page but did not directly send it to you sorry. It gives the details u want

Have just sent an invoice

Money has been sent

Received and I have emailed you to the address given just to confirm your address, did not want to put your personal contact details on here. Many thanks, Karen (the mum)