Fort Minor Berlin 02.09.2015

if I could, I definitely would!

oh wat a show…damn, mike nailed it !!!


Soooo guys, how was the concert? Saw “High Voltage” online - it looked amazing! But what was after that? Set list says “funky rebel break” - what was it?)

Oh Lord have mercy, if only I could’ve come too… You lucky lucky bastards!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Was there ketchup?

I’m sorry, it’s early in the morning here and my brain is in need of coffee and therefore I go weird. No wait, that’s a lie. I’m weird either way… :see_no_evil:

Blast from the past!


The concert was amazing! I recorded high voltage and its next song ‘high road’. Here it is:

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oh my god @gatsie, I wish it too, there was no ketchup, he only throwed two bottles of water, it was funny hot, some t-shirts, but no ketchup, and if you´ve been there, there would have been ketchup!!!
The gig was pretty short for my feeling, he was really late, 45mn ( a Mike that I didn´t feel really) but then he made the explosion, rocks and rapped like a thunderstorm, than it was over, bumm, but, under the aspect that he does all these things parallel, the venue was awesome, small and intimate, so that you got the feeling, he looks ya right in yar eyes, great experience. Lorenzo was everywhere at the same time, so at least there must be min. exists 3 times… ;)))


did someone record Kenji? i’d really like to watch it again

What? No ketchup?? I would’ve brought in ketchup, yes I would! And Shinoda was 45 min late too? That kinda sucks… Maybe he had a good reason to be that late, though? Maybe Shinoda was looking for the ketchup and then when he realized there was no ketchup he rushed to the show and ended up being late?

Despite of Mike not bringing ketchup or being on time, the show sounds amazing and I’m glad that you have enjoyed yourself :slight_smile:

Heya OT @Gatsie where´ve you been? So happy to found posts of you again, ´cause of not beeing able to write a personal message to you, whats about moving? Still on or done? Let´s create a Topic called “Crazy stuff to laugh at”" and go on with our funny time together, missed you!! :yellow_heart:

Aww missed you guys too. I’m finally in the new house. Moving went pretty fast. But the new house had no internet connection up until yesterday. I’m totally up for a fun new thread with random funny posts :smiley: Sure missed that!

Here’s a hug dear friend :grin:

@ gatsie Back to ya!!! lol