Fort Minor Berlin 02.09.2015


Mhhhh? I got one with a crowd on it, is it a special edition?


i had to get the e-tickey coz i am far away in saudi arabia​:confounded: wud have been cool to get that printed ticket as a souvenir so that i cud frame it and tell ppl i was there when fort minor was playin :neutral_face: shesh !


As far as I know, the one with the crowd is the LPU XIII laminate.


Hurray! Just now ordered a ticket :slight_smile:

Will there be some kind of M&G at this concert?


Fort Minor I’m coming :smiley:
That’s goimg to be great :smiley:


So now the countdown says 54 days and moves on!! lol


so do we also plan for an LPU meetup for the Fort Minor concert as well near the merchandise stall after the show :grinning:


hey Leute bin gerade neu hier (naja nicht wirklich war 2004 bis 2009 hier) ich wollte eigentlich nur fragen ,ob fort minor ein M&G machen wird? Es gab nämlich 2011 ein M&G aber nur durch Warner Music aber da ich leider keine Mitglied 2011 war wollte ich gerne wissen wie es damals war und am 02.09 sein wird! danke schon mal im voraus! :smile:


im still waitin for my ticket to be delivered but they are on their way hahahaha and a meetup would be great - what do u guys think?

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a fort minor meetup after party wud be fun.

quick question: are u guys also gonna wear an LP tshirt at the fortminor concert ? :grinning:


if I don´t buy one of FM till then, I think I do, maybe lpu shirt :tophat:


Is there anywhere still selling tickets? I was holiday when they went on sale and nothing has been mentioned on mike or FM’s twitter about the shows so i missed out. Also whats the chance of a show in england?


New message from mike

I´m looking forward to the second of sept


I really liked this interview. Short but straight to the point.

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Chat with mike right now

goin to see LP + FM in Dusseldorf after this one…hahahmuhehe…yep i have a creepy evil laugh !! :smile:


For all new Info

There will be LPU meet and greets at the Fort Minor shows!

— Mike Shinoda Clan (@mikeshinodaclan) 31. Juli 2015

is it an official M&G you are talking about ?


look at twitter, I don´t know but it seems, that kind of m&g is planned… as say before: watch twitter, they post a lot… this is no insider info huaaahhhaaa :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope so but this twitter handle is not official…but it wud be huge if there is one


He’ll do LPU m&gs at the FM shows like he did in LA. Don’t worry guys.