For what reason do you love Linkin park?


Well, actually, there are a lot for me. But above all I think their lyrics are good. Instead of love
stuff they sing a lot about social issues and personal experiences. That way their lyrics are beyond the literal meaning and more impressive with me. Love songs are okay but too many of them make me tired. LP is just like a special alternative.


For me it’s because their music has always been very different and creative and always managed to grab my attention. It also helps to know that the band is composed of 6 down to earth guys who care only about putting out the best music they can possibly make. They really are an inspiring band and individuals and personally I admire them A LOT. They’re a very very special band!


I love them for the lyrics and music. It just pulls the heart strings. Their music is so real and so many people can relate to it. They are different on so many levels. They seem to be so true, so real.
They are literally the only band that made me cry during the concert.

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The lyrics are amazing. The versatility has been dope as hell. Not one time have they sounded the same from album to album. Similar. But not the same. And you’ve got to respect them for that. Also because the spoke when others couldn’t. They have helped people of various backgrounds get through some rough issues. They deserve a whole lot of praise. And you never saw them in the news for negative bullshit.


Like many of you I find the lyrics great … and also videos.
The music helps you through difficult times.
The guys have stayed on the ground, super nice, helpful, funny, espouse for others.
Besides, I do not know any other musicians that communicate with the fans.

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Its about the music. Its my go to when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I feel alone and lost. They are my joy, and now its a big hole in my heart. This will take alot longer to get over then previous deaths in my family. Those, I knew were going to happen (stage 4 cancer, kidney failure) but this one, this one hurts the most.


Where do I start? I Love them because they are grounded down to earth guys with families . I love the sets they play on the lighting all the technical stuff and planning that goes into a show I love their style in clothes When you look in their eyes especially Mike or Chester when they sing you can tell if they feel good or bad I Love Brad and the way he plays Dave and Rob Joe all very talented way beyond their means Cant get enough Lp forever

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For me this there songs and chester voice help me get though a lot in my life. It because of chester and linkin park i feel like no matter what I’ve been in my life it seem like it feel better when i listing to linkinpark. In my darkest hour of my life it seem like chester was singing to me to stay storng and keep my mind out off the darkness.

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cause I’m a soldier!!!


For me it’s because they mix up different genres so they have their own sense of style. They also sing songs with deep meanings, which I can relate to. Plus, there was so much hate going around about them “Selling out” and yet the band kept playing through it. :sparkling_heart:

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Yeah I agree. I don’t know a single other band or singer who interacts with their fans and enjoys their presence. Probably because Linkin Park is the only thing I even will listen to…I’ve never been to a concert before, but just looking at all the videos, you can see the joy Linkin Park brings to the fans. :slight_smile:


I like “Linkin Park” for deeply agitating songs. Melodious and, at the same time, with a “claw” (e.g. “What I’ve Done”). With extraordinary, stirring, sad and reflective texts (such as in “Easier to Run”, “Roads Untraveled” or in “Castle of Glass”) or motivating to action and objecting to certain behaviors, acts and attitudes.


for being the best brothers in the fight against our demons!
always there to hold you with a different song each time!
each song that didn’t help right upon release, released me from different struggles later.

this might all read confusing but that’s only because there are simply no words to describe why!
LP are irreplaceable!


When i was 12 years old, i began listening to them because they mixed rap with rock in one same song. At school people who were listening to rap didn’t hang out with people who were listening to rock, so for me, LP was the new music group that could change the world. And i was admiring it.

I still love them for that, but with my english understanding improvement, I also like the lyrics. I find myself in some of them (like Roads Untravelled).