For those of you who have been to the first few shows

What time did LP come on?
I am going to Mansfield tomorrow, but I can’t get there early (and I didn’t get a M&G :frowning: ). The show starts at 6:30. Did LP come on last?

Saw them in CT last night - show start time was 7:30 - I was at the M&G, so don’t know if the opening act went on - on time… and I’m not a clock watcher - but I just checked a text I sent while waiting for the show to start - by 8:40 they had not gone on yet… Incubus did not play last night.
Will Incubus be the “only” opening act? or will there be another band before them?

Saw them in VA. LP came on stage at 9:20pm and played for about 1.5 hours. Incubus was not scheduled for VA, Mutemath (?) opened.

The first two shows didn’t have Incubus with them. they came on last probably about 8:30 or so. I think they are going to head line the entire tour. The concert is amazing and I will be there in Mass as well hope to see you there!!!

MuteMath is on at 7:30 and Incubus will be on at 8:30 if i had to get and LP at 9:30

LP went on from 8:30 to 10:35
it was a great show
Mutemath was AWFUL, IMO

I dont think Mutemath is doing all the shows are they? I though Mutemath was there because INCUBUS wasnt there? Should really just be Incubus and Linkin park, between them, they should play for 2.5 hours on there own. Cool to see another band as well though.

I enjoy seeing new bands but just didn’t like this bands music. The drummer was cool tho

My understanding is three bands
Mutemath is a support role
Incubus and LP are double headliners

I went to the Meet & Greet/Rehearsal for the first show of the tour in Bristow, VA. WOW! Is all I can say! The band is better than ever! Great blend of old and new songs! Fantastic experience! Thank you Linkin Park for making my summer complete! -

Yeah I know incubus wasnt at the first couple shows, so was a plus to choose camden for me instead of bristow anyways, mutemath not really into them, would rather have more incubus and LP, since both bands have so many songs they could play 4 hours themselves lol

Thanks all! Cannot wait for tonight!!